Santa's Lap 2015

On Saturday, we headed out for our annual Santa's lap photo.  We have each of the three previous years displayed in frames on our sofa table right now and I was excited to add a fourth!  I also get super nervous that someone is going to get sick pre-Christmas and we are going to miss our opportunity, so I tend to jump on the tradition the first moment we're able!

For Brantley's first two Christmases, we braved the crowds and went to see Santa at Crown Center.  Though Crown Center is a really fun and festive place during the holidays (and always), it's also insane.  The parking sucks, the line is long, and the people are everywhere.  Besides, I'm not huge on the Crayola-themed photo. 

This year, and for the second year in a row, we visited the Von Maur Santa.  Von Maur is a local department store that hosts Santa every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Santa is really legit and the setting is super adorable.  Included is a complimentary 5x7 photo and/or you can take your own.  There is typically a line, but it's nothing like the line at the mall and it moves quickly.  On top of that, I've never felt rushed, like I have at other locations.  And one of my favorite things about Von Maur in general is the pianist, and you can always count on holiday tunes at Christmastime.  

Anyway, this year, we let Brantley have a chance to visit with Santa before we plopped Holden down on his lap.  I  think a small part of Brantley was still a little unsure of how to react, but he warmed up quickly and did a fine job of rattling off his Christmas wish list.  A barrel of monkeys, a dump truck puzzle, and a big red ball with his name on it.

As expected and even at 19 months, Holden still isn't a fan.  I knew he wouldn't be.  Craig begged to differ, but this mama knows better. ;)

He was, however, a fan of the candy cane Santa gave him.

Another year in the books!  Hard to believe next year there will be a 2- and 4-year old!!  

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  1. Von Maur!! I haven't seen one of those stores in five years! I had no idea they had a Santa!
    The photo is awesome. I love how each little personality is clearly shown.
    You're so lucky you were able to take your own pics. We are going to see a Santa this weekend that provides us that opportunity (unlike the Santa a the Zoo Lights).

  2. oh my gosh! I love Brantley's smile! adorable.

  3. Lol lol. So sweet. I love seeing photos of kids that are uncomfortable with Santa/the Easter Bunny. So innocent!!


  4. You get a FREE 5x7 photo?!?! That's insane! I wish they gave us free things here. We went to the zoo lights not this past weekend but the weekend before and they YELLED at you if you tried to use your phone even to take a picture. It was a bit crazy. Needless to say, I didn't buy their over priced picture in the end :) Haha. The boys look so cute with Santa!

  5. Yeah what is with the crayola Santa? Odd. This one is much better. Festive. And you can't beat a candy cane! I thought they all gave those out but Aria got a Santa hand puppet this year. Who knew.

  6. I love that you got the pics of him walking up and hugging Santa! That is the sweetest! And i'm always a sucker for the crying with Santa pics!!! :) Merry Christmas!