Meeting Santa (x2)

I love Christmas.  I love Christmas even more with a baby.

This weekend, we took Brantley to meet the big man himself...Santa Claus.  I've been looking forward to this Santa encounter for some time.  After all, we took our dog to meet Santa a few years ago.  And I was beyond excited.  Imagine how I felt with a baby!

We decided not to skimp on this once in a lifetime moment and headed to Crown Center - one of Kansas City's most festive holiday establishments.  Crown Center is very family friendly - home to LegoLand, Sea Life Aquarium, and an outdoor ice skating rink - and simply gorgeous this time of year.  We took full advantage of the amazingly warm weather and snapped lots of outdoor photos.  It was fun taking in the sights and sounds of the holiday season.

Along for the fun were our friends Ben and Lauren and their baby girl, Madison.  We met Ben and Lauren in our childbirth class of all places!  Miss Madison is 8 days younger than B-Man.  And it seems they have quite the attraction to each other.  Future boyfriend and girlfriend perhaps? :)

The meeting with Santa went well!  Other than the fact that Brantley was ready for a nap, he did great!  He's too young to know what's going on, so he had no issues with being handed over to the strange, bearded man.  Next year will probably be a different story.  (If he's anything like me, I was terrified of Santa.)

So that was Santa encounter #1.  But Brantley was a lucky guy because he got to see Santa again last night!  It was our neighborhood's annual sleigh ride and Santa was on site at Heatherstone Elementary school!

In addition to sitting on Santa's lap again, we went on our first family sleigh ride around the neighborhood!  But Brantley wouldn't know it because he slept the entire time.  Silly boy.  He must not love holiday festivities like his Mommy and Daddy.  I have pictures of the sleigh ride, but I'm too lazy to upload right now, so this is all you get. :)

Oh, how I love Christmas!!!!

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