The Daily Dime / / October 2017

How in the world is it this time again so soon?!  I feel like I just documented one of these days yesterday!!  Anyway, welcome to another edition of The Daily Dime!  Remember all you have to do is post ten photos from a day in your life  - they can include as much or as little explanation as you'd like - and then link up below!

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Brantley is 5 years + 3 months.
Holden is 3 years + 6 months.
Rhett is 10.5 months old.
I realized at the end of the day that my ten photos are crazy similar to last month's!  And once again, Craig is out of town for work.  (I'm joining him on Thursday!)
All photos were taken with my iPhone 8 Plus (yay a new phone!).

The drive on my way to work after dropped off the boys at daycare and preschool.  I just love these early morning sunrises in Kansas.

I arrive at school, Emergen-C, coffee and essential oils in tow.  It seems I'm coming down with a cold or sinus infection and I'm trying to avoid getting sick before our kid-free weekend getaway!

Planning period.  I finalize a few quarter one grades, reply to some emails, and begin working on my sub plans for Thursday and Friday.  Did I mention I'm headed to Dallas and oh-so excited!  I also snap a photo for my new Instagram account (@schoolinstyle) focused on teacher style/fashion.  I'd love it if you follow along!

Back to teaching.  Today's lesson included going outside to indirectly measure the height of a light pole.  You know, math nerd things.  But a total success when one student said "That was so much fun!"

End of the school day.  First, I get the older boys, then on to get Rhett.  I have them all by 4:20 and headed home!

Once home, my work clothes come off and comfy clothes go on.

And whoa, I come back downstairs and Rhett is halfway up the stairs!!  Apparently, he climbs stairs now!  Mental note taken.

 The rest of the evening is a blur.  Feeding three kids, washing bottles, laundry, packing three kids for four days at Grandma's, packing the dog stuff, bath/showers, bedtime, books, getting things ready to run out the door by 6:55am the following morning.  Whew!

Finally, I sit down with a hot cup of tea and watch This Is Us.  Ummmmm, the ending?!  No spoilers here, but all I'll say is that it made me smile instead of cry for once!!

And back upstairs to finish start packing for myself.  Who knows what time I'll actually get to bed tonight, but hopefully by the time I'm lounging at the pool on Thursday, it'll all be worth it.