Five Things

 Because, well, Friday randomness is the easiest thing these days!

| one |
We leave for Florida exactly one week from today.  We are driving...and it's 15 hours away...which I realize makes us sound crazy with three little kids in tow, but really, is anything with three kids easy?  (The answer is no.)  Our resort is beach side and has a tiki bar...which is partially why I chose this place (no joke).  Anyway, we are headed to Destin on the Gulf coast.  We have been once before, but I would still love your suggestions for things to do, places to eat, etc.  Or if you have ideas on how to keep the boys occupied on our looong drive to and from (besides iPads and movies, of course), send them my way!!

(Here we are last time we went to Florida - in 2013 - with only one kid.  I can't wait to replicate this photo with two extra kids!)

| two |

Speaking of beaches, I ordered this swim suit on Amazon about a month ago.  It's adorable, but not loose by any means so I ordered the next size up with plans of sending one back.  Apparently it's coming all the way from China because it's already been four week and tracking claims it's not arriving until after we are back from Florida.  Booo.  But seriously, it's cute and only $18 if you're in the market!

| three |

Speaking of Amazon, I'm sure everyone has heard about Prime Wardrobe by now.  If not, it's basically Amazon's version of Stitch Fix and if so, are you as excited as me?!  Amazon seems to be taking over the world...and I am a-okay with that!

| four |

While our older boys were in Iowa two weeks ago, Craig and I ventured downtown for a date.  We made a stop at The Jacobson and I ordered a jalapeno margarita-like drink (suavecito anejo tequila, salerno blood orange liqueur, lime juice with muddled jalapeΓ±o and Himalayan sea salt).  As odd as it sounds, it was delicious!  Fast forward a week and we had some old neighbors over for pizza.  They brought with them a bottle of Trader Joe's Jalapeno Limeade.  We added some tequila and it tasted very similar to the drink I had the week prior, only much cheaper!  If you have a Trader Joe's near you and like spicy + margarita, you need to try this concoction ASAP!

| five |

 We recently started using a Vornado air circulator in Rhett's room and I can already say I'm a big fan--pun intended. πŸ˜‰  It's a Breesi LS air circulator and not only does it circulate and cool our nursery, but it provides light and white noise (LS = light + sound), it's finger friendly, easy to clean, and includes child-proof locks.  And the best part--I get to give one away!  Enter via this post on Instagram - today is the last day!

 Happy Friday!

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Summer So Far + #StarSpangledKids

I cringe to even type this, but my summer is already 40% over!! 😒😒😒  Enough of that nonsense though, let me show you what we've been up to in our first four (of ten) weeks!


Just an average summer day.  Brantley looooves drinking from the sprinkler.


We hosted our annual backyard campout with neighbors.  The number of tents increased from four last year to eight this year!  


We went strawberry picking at Gieringer's Orchard.  Unfortunately, we went on their last day of business (for strawberries) so the pickins' were pretty slim.  (It's always a gamble to wait until school is out.)  However, the slushies and donuts made up for the lack of berries and then some! 


Holden loves to help me water the plants.


A trip to Deanna Rose.  At three years old, the kids can finally ride the pony!  Holden rode for the first time while there with Ms. Stephanie, but this was my first time watching him.  They are usually really good at letting moms snap photos, but we happened to go during free admission weekend, so it was crazy-town, which meant they didn't pause for a photo opp--and this was the best I got.


Rhett learned to crawl!  He can definitely get where he wants to go, but he's still not to the point of being all over the place (best case scenario, right?).  But, his plank game is strong!


We took a Double Decker Bus tour of Kansas City!  Four moms + ten kids (nine boys!) = a beyond exhausting morning that calls for sangria at lunch.  But well worth the memories!!


Blueberry picking at The Berry Patch.  I've done this every summer since I was pregnant with Brantley and it's one of my favorite summer activities.  Mainly because of fresh blueberry muffins. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


We explored a couple of new parks (with a couple more are still on our list).


We've spent time at home.  This is Holden with the tractor he got to pick out of my {late} grandpa's collection.


Rhett learned to sit.  I can't even with these pictures.


And so much more from swim lessons to pineapple rafts, trips to get donuts and afternoon popsicles!  I post lots more photos on Instagram that never make it to the blog (these above are camera photos only), so make sure you're following me on there

Also, once again this year, I'm helping host the #StarSpangledKids link-up!  Snap some festive photos of yourself, your kids, and/or your pets donning their best red, white, and blue and linkup with us between July 1 and July 7!

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