Toilet Paper Roll Stamped Christmas Wreath Craft

A few weeks ago, we started working on Christmas crafts for our art gallery wall.  There were a number of things I copied from Pinterest, but there is one I basically of invented myself. ;)  Actually, I was inspired when I saw Arden (on Vanessa's blog) crafting with a toilet paper roll, but we already had a Christmas tree craft so I decided to try a wreath instead!  It's an easy craft for a 3-year old...pretty fool-proof...unless said 3-year old decided to put a circle smack dab in the middle of the paper despite your discouragement. 

One empty toilet paper roll
Green paint (I prefer this Crayola Washable Kids Paint)
Red Ribbon
Glue Gun

It's no secret that I'm a control freak, so I started the wreath for Brantley and asked him to keep adding to the circle.  He did a great job, with the exception of the aforementioned circle in the middle.  Luckily, we already had one wreath that was done and near-perfect; we made this second one simply for some action photos.


Once done and dry, tie a bow with the red ribbon and adhere with hot glue.  And that's it!  Festive, cute, and best of all - easy!

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of our Christmas crafts!


  1. I love this idea! What a cute project! He looks so happy and proud!

  2. Lol lol what a cute idea! #controlfreaksunite - when I go to the memory care unit at the assisted living facility here and we do art projects, I always try not to do it myself and let them do it how they can/want to. I understand! Baha. He did a great job, though =]


  3. Aww! Sweet boy was so excited about crafting that he forgot to listen to the rules :) lol. He totally looks so concentrated on what he's doing. I love it. He did a great job!
    I'm excited to see the rest of your crafts. I started one (aka prepped it) for Mason this weekend and then we got busy and didn't do it. I'm hoping to get it done later this week though so we can at least enjoy it for a week!

  4. CUTE (and easy) idea!! Thursday is our last day of school, so we will have SEVERAL days, hours, minutes to fill until school is back in session. This looks like a perfect way to spend some time on a slow afternoon!