Brantley's 5th Birthday Wishlist

You guys.  In 15 days, I will have a five year old!  Five!  I'll save the sappy stuff for later, but for now, Brantley's birthday wishlist!

Zingo Sight Words - Brantley has enjoyed playing Zingo (the original version) since a very young age.  I can't think of a better way to start teaching sight words!

Dragons Love Tacos 2 - I will never understand the obsession people have with the first edition of this book (someone please fill me in!!!!), but Brantley loves it and I know he will love the sequel!  (Plus, I want to see how dumb it is!)

Eric Carle Mini Book Set - For some reason, Brantley was fascinated to know that Eric Carle has written a number of the books we own!  As a result, he loves grouping all of our Eric Carle books together and he especially loves reading them.  May as well add to our collection!

Batting Helmet - Apparently, baseball around here goes from fun to serious in no time!  Like, kids pretty much need to have a team by first grade or they get left in the dust.  Or so I've heard.  Anyway, Brantley's in his third season of t-ball and Craig thinks it would be fun to get him his own batting helmet.  You're in charge of this one, Daddy!

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set - Brantley loves to learn and loves to impress us with his knowledge (mostly math).  Never to soon to start prepping him for school!

Doodle Activity Book - This book is full of doodling activities.  And we have a long drive to Florida coming just a day after his birthday.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell - Lately, I'm all about the "toys" that are educational.  Can you tell?  I actually bought this at Christmastime and I've been saving it ever since!  I'm just proud of myself for remembering!

Charlie Hustle KC Heart Tee - Time to upgrade to the next size!

Pogo Jumper - There was an old school pogo stick at daycare that Brantley just loved.  I'm sure this isn't anywhere near as cool as the vintage version, but it does have great reviews!

Any other ideas for a soon-to-be five year old?!

Pre-K Graduate (Round One)

Another year of preschool in the books for Brantley!  With a July birthday, we have decided to wait another year before sending him to kindergarten, so although most of his preschool classmates are headed there this fall, he is not.  However, because we are changing daycare/preschools, it still seemed like a graduation of sorts and Craig and I were beyond excited to take a few hours off of work to celebrate this special occasion with our oldest.

The celebration wasn't a typical graduation, but the kids did sing some songs and each was called on stage to pose with their certificate and teachers.

Brantley got so lucky with his teachers this year.  Mrs. Grau and Mrs. Larson are both amazing women and so, so dedicated to their jobs.  And I especially loved each of their Iowa connections. 😉  Seriously though, they taught him so much and he really looked up to both of these special ladies.  (Weird story, one his teachers has a blog and I followed it long before she was Brantley's teacher!)

After the graduation, we all went outdoors for a picnic.  It was a crazy windy day, but beyond that, the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Brantley was so lucky to attend preschool with these two daycare friends, Jace and Drew.  They've been together at preschool for two full years and at daycare for a couple more!  They may play like besties and fight like brothers, but boy was it easier sending my barely three-year old to preschool knowing he had these two by his side!

We have loved every minute of watching Brantley grow academically and socially and we are so thankful for two amazing years of preschool at this Presbyterian church.  We are extra proud of our pre-K (round one) graduate and can't wait to see what the future has in store!

And just for fun, a comparison photo.  Because isn't that what taking first and last day photos is all about?

Five M O R E Things That Never Made the Blog

I'm catching up - round two!  Here are five more things that never made the blog!

*Caution: Another photo heavy post!* 

| one |

Fishing with Papa.  My parents came to celebrate Holden's birthday in April and it was nice enough to walk across the street and do a little fishing.  Of course, to me it was just an excuse to take photos; though I know my dad loved every minute!  Brantley may have caught more fish, but Holden caught a turtle! 

| two |

There were a couple of rainy, cloudy, dreary weeks in April and May.  As much as I hate not seeing the sun for multiple days in a row, I love these photos that were a result of the rain!

| three |

My parents brought along my Grandma Fritz when they visited in April.  She got to meet Rhett and see where we live!

| four |

We took the boys to our first Royals game this year...and Rhett's first game period!  Things that actually happened at that game: 1) We forgot Rhett's paci (which didn't end up being a big deal--he looked around the entire time, didn't even fall asleep!). 2) We made a lap around the concourse with a helmet full of nachos, seven hot dogs, two beers, and three kids (and didn't lose anything or anyone.) 3) We dropped the same toppings-loaded hot dog on Brantley's seat TWICE (mustard, onions, and sauerkraut all over). 4) We got Rhett's first game certificate and the lady questioned how to spell his middle name - Kauffman 5) High faves with Sluggerrr 6) Lots of stares, smiles, and basically looks of "Whoa they're crazy for bringing three kids ages 4, 3, and 5 months to a baseball game...on a school night nonetheless". 7) The lady ticket taker asked if our third kid was an accident. Who does that?!?!  And 8) Memories made and our annual family photo in the outfield!

| five |

I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mama of three!  First, I attended Muffins with Mom at Brantley's preschool.  While there, Brantley tripped on the playground while running and hit his head on the edge of the sandbox.  I have no idea how he didn't need stitches (again) and the scariest part was seeing him wobble like a drunk person as he walked towards me crying.  Luckily, he was okay and ten minutes later, ready to go play again.  Never a dull moment.  We celebrated Mother's Day by going out for brunch and Craig and the boys gifted me some Nickel & Suede earrings and a new, rose gold bar necklace that includes the names of all three of my kids.  It was a great day!

If you stuck with me this long, good for you!  Slowly, but surely, I'm getting my blogging mojo back!  I still have a few past things to blog about, but I feel like I can soon switch gears to summer things!  Happy Friday!

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Stitch Fix #15

I didn't plan to receive another Stitch Fix until heading back to work in August, but then I got an email stating my next styling fee would be waived, so I figured "Why not?!"  Oh, Stitch Fix, you really know how to reel us in, don't you?  Anyway, I chose my date, but then forgot to add a note to my stylist, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect!  However, like last time, I requested Raquel as my stylist and I'm so glad I did!  I feel like she took the time to browse my Pinterest board (she even read my last SF blog post!) and I was blown away with her ability to pick things suited just for me!  I also really liked the price point of the pieces in this fix; the most expensive item was $54.  I can easily jump on board with keeping pieces under $50!  So let's take a look at what I got!

(Also, I feel like these pictures are slightly out of focus.  I have no idea why, so sorry about that!)

Item #1
Gilli | Kamile 2fer Faux Suede Knit Dress
Size M | $54

This was an actual item I had pinned to my Pinterest board linked in my SF profile, so I was definitely excited to see it in my box!  The floral is so pretty and the dress is lengthy enough to wear to work, which is a requirement when spending more than $50 on a dress.  Looking back at the photos, I adore it!  But sadly, I decided to send it back.  I wasn't crazy about the ruching in the chest area and I don't love little cap sleeves like this (although in the pictures, the dress looks sleeveless).  Gosh, I'm sort of regretting that decision though!

Verdict: Returned

Item #2
Jolie | Christy Knit Maxi Dress
Size M | $48

I knew when I saw the black and white stripes that I was going to love this maxi dress!!!!  I put it on, fell in love, and there was no turning back!  I love how this dress appears to be two pieces (skirt and tank), but it is, in fact, all one piece.  The amount of flowiness is just right and it's as comfortable as it appears!  And again, it's work appropriate and under $50, which just sealed the deal!  However, I would have paid $78 for this beauty!  Quite possibly one of my all-time favorite pieces from SF!

Verdict: Kept 
(and anxiously awaiting for an occasion to wear!)

Item #3
Q&A | Kellie Crochet Racerback Top
Size S | $48

I liked this top a lot upon pulling it from my box.  The color is gorgeous, the floral pattern is super cute, the length is great, and the crocheted detailing is just the right about of uniqueness to justify SF prices.  But, it just didn't feel quite right on me.  It was tight around my hips (they are unproportionally larger than my stomach) and seemed to pull funny when I moved.  Cute top, just not for me.  I'd also like to point out that this was my least favorite item in this fix...and I still liked it a lot!  That's how you know you have a winning box!

Verdict: Returned

Item #4
August Mist | Morgann Open Back Mixed Material Knit Top
Size S | $36

I wasn't super crazy about this top to begin...I loved the color, but just another cotton top, right?  I actually liked it a lot more when I put it on and even more looking back at the pictures!  I should have taken a picture of the back - it was a different material and featured an open slit across the top.  I could have easily justified this top (only $36), but was just as easily okay with sending it back.  Sidenote: Is it just me or does everything look better with a tan?!)

Verdict: Returned

Item #5
RD Style | Lauren Laser Cut Detail Drawstring Short
Size S | $54

And finally, these shorts.  If you saw my Daily Dime post yesterday, I mentioned how elastic shorts have been my jam lately.  So obviously, these speak my love language!  Plus the scalloped edges (which Raquel noticed via my Pinterest board) and laser-cut details?!  Just take my money, Stitch Fix!  I paired the shorts with multiple tops from my closet and love how I can dress them up or down.

Verdict: Kept!

So there's my latest (and greatest!) Stitch Fix!  A huge thank you to Raquel for personalizing it to my liking and I can't wait to see what you send in August!