Brantley's First Preschool Christmas Program

Yesterday was Brantley's first preschool Christmas "program".  And I use the word program very loosely, as the kids sang three songs and then resumed their normal day of preschool.  Parents were invited; however, there was no reception or celebration afterwards and since his preschool is a good 25 minute drive from my school, I elected not to go.  Now before you go and judge me for being a horrible mother (future Brantley), please know that today was my final day with my students and because of the start time of the "program", I would have had to find coverage for both of my blocks of finals.  I just didn't want to mess with that as no teacher ever likes giving up plan time (although I know my amazing coworkers would have) and I really felt the need to proctor my finals myself.  So I sent Craig to the "program" with very specific instructions to video every performance and I asked our daycare provider, Miss Stephanie, to snap a few photos for me.  In the end, Craig said it was really cute, but suggested I made a good decision not to drive all that way.  However, my heart near broke into a million little pieces last night when Brantley asked me if I would come to his preschool sometime like Daddy had. #thestrugglesofbeingaworkingmom

For our family--mainly grandmas and great-grandma--here are the videos of his program.


  1. Oh girl, I feel your pain!!! Mason had a preschool program thing yesterday that I almost didn't go to. He doesn't really do well when we show up in the middle of the day, he thinks it's time to leave, so I debated not going and just leaving him be happy, but instead I decided to go and well... it was both good and bad lol. But this was only possible due to the fact that my new job is only 10 minutes away vs my old job being 25 min +. So I TOTALLY feel you and totally don't judge. But seriously, those kids know how to break your heart don't they? At least you know that he was SUPER into it and that he would be truly excited if you're able to go next time!

  2. It's a bummer the preschool program was during such an inconvenient time! :( But, the kiddos were adorable. And, hopefully future 'programs' will land during times that work better!