Five on Friday

I'm jumping on board this Five on Friday thing - only about two years late.  Because sometimes a random blog post is where it's at.  Am I right?

This weekend, we're headed to Iowa for our first Iowa football game in a few years!  Craig and I used to go to each home opener, but honestly, I can't even remember the last time we set foot in Kinnick Stadium!  Three years ago, perhaps?  I wish we could take Brantley...he thinks it's hilarious that the stadium has our dog's name...and I know he would love it.  But considering each body that enters requires a ticket, and the cheapest ticket is $60, I think we'll pass this year.  Besides, it's a 7pm kickoff (a rarity for Iowa football), so needless to say, we have a good excuse to leave the kiddos with Gramma and Papa.  I am so excited to see Kinnick Stadium striped in black and gold...something I've seen on t.v. a number of times, but never in real life!  Go Hawks!  

Speaking of football...remember when all I ever wanted was a little girl to dress in frills and bows? Yeah, well, I have completely changed my mind on that and realized I was *made* to be a boy mom!! Dressing these boys in their jerseys and sports apparel on game days = heart melted.  I've also taught Brantley both the Iowa and Mill Valley fight songs and it's the cutest thing ever listening to him sing both!

Halloween is, oh, only about six weeks away and I've been trying to come up with some costume ideas for the boys.  Brantley has made it very obvious that he wants to be a snowman (Olaf, specifically) and of course, I wanted something similarly themed for Holden.  As of yesterday, I got it.  I have always loved penguins and how adorable is this one??

This week is Homecoming at my school.  You better believe that teachers enjoy dressing up as much as the kids!  Wednesday was Decade Day, so myself a few other A-hallway teachers donned our best 80s gear!  I even crimped my hair......with the crimper I had as a child.

This morning, I walked into school expecting a normal Homecoming Friday, but found myself a dance party instead.  The seniors arrived super early and decorated every square inch of the foyer in our school colors: midnight blue and silver.  Students from all classes were dancing, laughing, and have an all-out grand 7am.  It's crazy how much this school climate has changed in my nine years.  The school spirit has increased exponentially, and I finally feel like students know what Homecoming is all about.  Go Jags!

And because I'm too lazy to write anything else, I'll leave you with a photo of my handsome Holden.

Happy Friday, friends! 

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Stitch Fix #7

It's been an entire year since I tried Stitch Fix for the first time, and a couple of weeks ago, I received my seventh box.  I am not signed up for regular shipments, but I average one fix about every other month.  I suppose I could sign up for recurring shipments, but I'm too much of a control freak and I like picking my days.

Anyway, for this box, I was pretty specific about what I wanted.  I created a new Pinterest board with some of my favorite fall trends.  I noted that I like those sweater-type shirts that appear to have a shirt underneath and I also asked for a skirt, a pair of jeans, and a blazer.  I also requested the same stylist I had in May (which I didn't get).  I'm always super excited about fall fashion and I had high hopes of getting a box full of winners.

Item #1 | Tart Milla Crew Neck Knit Top
First up was this striped tee.  It was cute, super soft, and with just the right amount of stretch.  It could be paired with jeans for a more casual look or black pants for work.  This is totally me - the stripes and all - and I debated and debated about it.  But low and behold, it got sent back.  I just couldn't justify the price ($58), especially when I have a sweater with similar black and white stripes.  (I've since regretted my decision...)

Item #2 | Dahlya Jannet Chiffon Back Sweater
I suspect they sent me this based on my Pinterest board.  It was right up the alley with a few sweaters I had pinned.  And I wanted so badly to like this.  But it just didn't fit right.  It was too wide, a little shorter than I'd prefer, and very boxy-looking on me.  I looooved the back of it...if only it fit better.

Item #3 | Kensie Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer
I specifically asked for a blazer in this fix.  I had seen some on another blog and I thought they were super cute.  However, it's probably not something I would ever shop for/pick out myself.  The one they sent with alright.  It was fun to try, but with my job as a teacher, maybe just a little too formal.  Perhaps a different color...or something with a pattern...or maybe scalloped edges...and I might have kept it?? 

Item #4 | Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jeans
I specifically asked for a pair of jeans, as well.  I haven't purchased a nice pair of jeans in 5(?) years and the ones I wear all the time are from Target, so needless to say, I was overdue for a new {good} pair.  I didn't bother saying 'no boyfriend jeans' because they had previously sent me a pair that I hated and I figured that was noted in my profile.  So you can imagine my disappointment when I pulled out another pair.  I will admit, they weren't nearly as bad as the first pair I received last fall.  These actually fit me instead of being three sizes too big.  And I do think they look semi-cute in these pictures, but I just couldn't do it.  My body is curvy so you'd think these would flatter my wider than average hips...but in my opinion, they just don't! 

Item #5 | Pixley Tenille Mini Skirt
I also asked for a work-appropriate skirt in this fix.  Work is always more fun when you have some new things to wear. ;)  I loved this skirt the moment I pulled it out of the box, but I was nervous about the word 'mini'.  Luckily, there wasn't much 'mini' about it--it fit perfectly and it is so comfortable!  Definitely the winner of this box and the only keeper.  One of the reasons I like Stitch Fix is the styling cards they include with each fix.  The skirt styling card suggested pairing it with an orange top, which I never would have done on my own!  But how cute is it with the top below??

I'm still a little bummed about not keeping the black and white top.  But one of the reasons I decided to send it back is so I could request another box sooner than later.  I scheduled another box the first week of October and I've request ALL jeans.  Hoping for one or two great pairs!  Stay tuned...

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Room A108

As a teacher, I love peeking into other teachers' classrooms.  Even other teachers at my own school.  I love seeing how they organize, how their desks are arranged, what they have on their walls, and what they do to make their room an inviting space to learn.  I had full intentions on posting a classroom tour a whole year ago.  And then life (more like, all new preps) got the best of me and I never got to it.  So one year later, here are some photos of my high school math classroom.

Random fact: they removed the Mr. and Mrs. from our name signs a few years ago due to school safety reasons.  It's better that a possible intruder doesn't know whether a teacher is male or female.

The view upon entering my classroom

The views from the back corners

My "student station" full of anything and everything their little hearts may desire - a 3-hole lunch, a pencil sharpener, a stapler, pens, Kleenex, recycling bins, and school info (on the bulletin board).  I also have bins on the desks with fun math tools like protractors, rulers, and compasses, among other things.

My daily agendas and content objectives.

Another whiteboard on my side wall that contains the date (which I'm horrible at updating), important upcoming dates, language objectives, and things I like to call "Good to Know".

Probably my proudest nerdiest thing.  I bought an $8 clock at Target, removed the cover, and designed and printed a sheet of paper that includes the square roots instead.  The kids despise it, by the way. ;)  

When students are absent, I put their notes, homework, and any handouts in these folders for them to pick up.  They can also print what they missed from my Blackboard (class website).

I love displaying little momentos from students through the years.

Here is my view from my desk.  I can't stand crap on my desk, so it is always organized and every item on it has a very specific place.  If things aren't in their right spot, I literally can not work.  Type A, much?

I like to include an abundance of photos of my family and friends in my classroom.  But they rarely get updated so my poor, poor second child has every reason to feel neglected.  I may or may not print more recent photos before Christmas... 

I love these colored drawers.  They keep my supplies very organized.  And yes, I do realize my Hawkeye banner is backwards.  I used to keep it outside so the front side is very faded.

Some motivational signs I found on Pinterest a few years ago.

A view of my {very organized} desk area.

I've tried arranging my desks about a million different ways through the years.  From traditional columns, to pairs of desks, to rows, to pods.  I find it easiest to quickly move around the classroom while the desks are in pods of 4.  These little desk dividers are what I use during tests.  I don't even know what the material is meant for, but I purchased it at Home Depot in the "building materials" section and the drafting teacher here at school cut them for me.

Some fun similar figure projects I used to do in geometry.  Each student received a 2x2 inch square with some kind of design.  They had to determine the scale factor and enlarge it only an 8x8  inch square.  We then put all of the pieces together to make these large pictures.  

I also have about 30 tessellation projects scattered about my classroom.  Another project students in geometry used to complete.  Here are six of my favorites throughout my six years teaching the class.  Starting in the top left and going counterclockwise: Minnie Mouse, Thomas the Train, the Olympic rings, an ice cream sundae, Pinocchio, and Wilma Flinstone.  These projects took an incredible amount of time and I love remembering these students 5+ years later!

 I loathe this question.  And if I'm being honest, I usually answer, "You probably won't."  Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff you learn in high school that you never use.....but because it's math and most students hate it, they like to throw this in math teachers' faces. 

And that's it for the tour.  This is where I spend my week days nine months out of the year.  Teaching, inspiring, and being a role model for kids ages 14 through 18.  And hopefully giving them a slight admiration for the subject of math, one student at a time!  Thanks for visiting.


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