Want, Need, Wear, Read

Gifts for our boys have all been purchased (with the exception of stocking stuffers) and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival so that I can start wrapping!  I mentioned on Friday we are following the "Want, Need, Wear, Read" rule, but I was really struggling to come up with a need for Brantley.  Thank you to those who sent suggestions, but in the end, I went with my own mother's suggestion - an electric toothbrush!  I should have asked her in the first place!  After all, mothers do know best, right??

And I'm stealing your blog post idea, Vanessa.  One, because I like it, but two, because I want to look back in the years to come and remember what we gifted our kids. ;)


Want | This is seriously one item (of three) he keeps mentioning.  I debated between this and the barrel of monkeys but went with this Crocodile Creek 12-Piece Dump Truck Puzzle in the end because it's likely harder to find at most retail stores, which is where most of our family will shop.

Need | So maybe it's not a true "need" when I don't even have one, but I think he's really going to like this Oral B Pro Health Rechargeable Power Toothbrush!  I looked at Sonicare's kids electric toothbrush, but this one has great reviews and is significantly less expensive.  Bonus: There's a picture of Olaf on the packaging.

Wear | My favorite category.  I just love picking out clothing for my kiddos.  I actually got both boys each of these tees because come one, I couldn't pick just one!

Read | I'm excited to add these two books to our library!  We read Press Here at a friend's house over the summer and both loved it.  The baseball version of Goodnight Football is already in our collection and a favorite among Brantley, Craig, and myself! 


Want | Apparently Holden is always pushing a mop at daycare (Brantley did the same thing at that age) and I'm all about anything that's going to encourage clean floors, so we got him this Schylling Junior Helper Mop.

Need | This is a true need so that we can {safely} go on family bike rides this spring!   A Schwinn Toddler Microshell Helmet.

Wear | See above!

Read | Similar to a couple of books we already have and love, Holden is getting Watch Me Hop and 123 Peas.


  1. Love this! The mop idea is great! Last year we gave Mac a Dustbuster and he vacuums all the time now! :)

  2. You got the shuttlecock shirts for both - yay!! I want to get a home shirt so bad. But for the kids do I get California? Iowa? Kansas? All of them?
    Great lists! We really need to adhere to the want, need, wear, read.

  3. Hey, steal away!! I stole it from someone else anyway ;) I've never seen those puzzles but they look great! I swear all of the kids puzzles in stores right now are the ones that change pictures depending on which way you look at them--they make me dizzy when I'm trying to help Arden! And can you send Holden down to mop my floors in January?!? ;)