Blueberry Picking

This was my fourth year visiting The Berry Patch to pick blueberries.  It's become somewhat of a summer tradition for me and I'm not sure I can let summer pass without a trip there!  It's always fun reminiscing on my past experiences - the first year I was nearly nine months pregnant, the second year I had an almost-1-year old, and last year, I had both Brantley and a new{ish}born Holden.  Yet, this year has been my favorite yet!

We went with Vanessa and her crew again.  Brantley and Arden have developed this thing for each other, so when our plans were rescheduled not once, but twice, Brantley just kept telling me that he wanted to "Gooooo pick blueberries with Arden."  Adorable.

Unlike strawberry picking this year, our experience picking blueberries was much easier.  It was dry, for one.  We weren't slipping and sliding in the mud.  Because of the dry conditions, we were able to push our strollers through the blueberry fields, which meant we weren't doing squats with 20-plus pound babies strapped to us.  Thank goodness!  The blueberries were far more abundant than the strawberries and well, it was just a more enjoyable experience all around!  However, it was HOT so we were all a sweaty, dirty mess by the time we finished. 

We tried to snap some pictures of our kiddos.  As good as it gets right here!

Brantley and Arden lost interest pretty quickly.  Lucky for us, they entertained themselves by snacking, conversing with each other, and playing with the irrigation pipes.  I'm sure there's a rule against that somewhere, but #whateverittakes!

Holden got restless in the stroller.  He was much happier playing in this big pile of dirt.  And because he was super sweaty, he was basically covered from head to toe.  He also had smashed blueberries on his butt.

What a great time we had! Vanessa even managed a super cute photo of the boys and I where Brantley is actually smiling!  I may need to use her (Arden?) as my assistant next time I attempt photos of Brantley!

Earlier this evening, I decided to snap some photos of our blueberries.  Brantley, who almost always wants nothing to do with anything photo-related, decided he wanted to be photographed so he plopped down and started eating the berries.  Silly kid!  Turns out, I love the photos!!

Next up--peach picking!!

A Morning of Crafting

One of my favorite things to do as a child was craft.  I wasn't much for playing with dolls, but I loved to color and I loved to craft.  20+ years later and not much has changed!  I recently added an art gallery wall to our breakfast nook to show off artwork that the boys bring home from daycare (and eventually school).  I bought the frames from Walmart ($4 each), removed the backs and glass, spray painted them with Rustoleum's Satin Heirloom White (a creamy off-white), and hung them (without the help of my husband even, he didn't think I could do it!).  Then I added Command Spring Clips to the insides of each frame (spray painted to match).  And voila! A quick, easy, and cheap DIY art gallery.

So naturally, I needed some artwork to fill the frames.  I scoured Pinterest for some summer-worthy ideas and came up with some seriously cute options!  Last Thursday, I made a shopping list and loaded up the boys for an early morning trip to Walmart for supplies: paint, googly eyes, paper plates, spiral noodles, craft glue, pipe cleaners, and circular sponge dobbers (I just made up that name, I have no idea what they're called).  After returning home, I put Holden down for a morning nap and Brantley and I got to work!  Not going to lie, it was a bit exhausting.  I laid down wrapping paper to ensure our table stayed paint-free.  Then, my perfectionist self ensured he painted the right colors in the right spots (I can't help it...) while also trying to keep our clothes, the chair, and the floor free from paint.  Taking photos wasn't the easiest thing, but I managed to snap a few.

Brantley wasn't a huge fan of the paint all over his hands.  Hmmm...I can't imagine where he gets that!

Despite what you see in the photos, he lost interest about half-way through.  I made him keep working (mainly for his hand and finger prints), but I ended up finishing a few of the pieces myself. #easierthatway

I'm so happy with how our works of art turned out!  P e r f e c t for summer and I love the happiness, personalization, and brightness they add to this little corner in our house!  I had a really hard time chosing which six to display!

{Pineapple made with thumb prints.}

{Beach ball made out of a paper plate.  Lines drawn first with a Sharpie}

{Campfire made with hand prints and a mixture of red, yellow, and orange paint.  S'more made with a cotton ball.  Roasting stick made with scrapbook paper.}

{Crab made with hand prints and googly eyes.  Sand made by tearing thin cardboard and mod podging it to the white paper.}

{Baseball made out of a paper plate and thumb prints.  Lines drawn first with a Sharpie.}

{Fish made out of cupcake liners.  Fish tails cut from scrapbook paper.  Both are mod podged onto the paper painted first with blue paint and circular dobbers.}

{Sunflower petals made from spiral noodles and glued onto the paper, then painted yellow with a foam brush.  Stem and leaves made from pipe cleaners glued onto paper.  Inside of flower painted brown with a circular dobber.}

{Watermelon made from half a paper plate.  Seeds drawn first with a Sharpie.}

And last, but not least, the gallery wall complete with art!  I'm not sure I could love it anymore! 

I've already been pinning fall artwork ideas and can't wait for our next round of crafts!