Rhett Kauffman: 7 Months Old

June was a big month for you - you started eating pureed solids (you can't get enough!), you mastered the arts of sitting up unassisted and crawling, you are legit playing with toys, you've started reaching for us, and you recognize your name!  Like a said, B I G month!  I'm going to make this short and sweet because we're already halfway to eight months...but with the 4th of July, Brantley's birthday, and our vacation to FL, I have a good excuse! ;)

A few seven-month things to note:

You are exponentially happier these days!  Your daddy chalks it up to eating, but I think it's because you're crawling and you don't get bored.  Likely some of both!  Regardless, happier baby = happier house!

You love food.  Like adore it.  Can't get enough.  We can't feed you fast enough and the amount you can put down in one sitting is unbelievable.

Speaking of, it's definitely helped your lack of pooping issue.  And now sometimes I wish you only pooped once every three days! 

We re-baby proofed our house!  Your brothers and I cleaned out the toy boxes and got rid of all the small toys.  They were both extremely concerned about you getting ahold of something you should't.  It was actually very sweet.

You do smile a lot.  But never when the big camera comes up!

7 Months of Rhett

Size: Not sure but Daddy swears you've gained pounds since starting on solids!

Words: Lots of raspberries + babbles + coos, but the latest - you yell.  Loudly!

Activity: Crawling (but not yet into everything = best case scenario), sitting upright, watching your brothers, and playing with toys.  I don't remember your brothers playing with toys at this age, but you can sit and play with / study something for a good five minutes.

Food: 6 ounces of formula four or five times per day plus veggies or fruits, rice or oatmeal twice per day. 

Sleep: 11ish hours overnight.

Bedtime/Waketime: Bedtime around 7:30pm and you typically wake around 6:30am.

Hair: Still reddish, but at times it looks blond, as well.  Not a ton of hair yet.  

Eyes: Blue with growing eyelashes!

Teeth: None at seven months (but that has since changed...I'll save that for 8-month update).

Wardrobe: Hey hey, we're finally in 6-9 month clothing!

Diapers: Size 2, but need to move up badly!

Likes: FOOD, your paci, naps, the ceiling fan, your brothers, being held, car/stroller rides, being talked to, chewing on your fingers, your mama, observing everything around you.

Dislikes: Being hungry, being tired, being left alone, and when I dress or undress you and the shirt goes over your eyes!  Arms usually go flailing!

Mommy Update: Finally feel pre-baby confident!

Mommy's Fave - This is seriously the best baby age!!!  I just want to soak it all in!  But I especially love when you chew on your bottom lip and your cheeks plump out.  Nothing says baby like squishy little cheeks!

Brantley is F I V E

And just like that, five years of motherhood has flown by in the blink of an eye!  Five years ago this very moment I was taking my last baby bump photo and headed to the hospital, anxious for what was to come, but ready to meet you - our little Brantley Carter.  You arrived after just a few (six) hours on Pitocin and so many of our fears about your fetal diagnosis (hydrocephalus) were quickly replaced by enormous feelings of love and admiration for our firstborn baby boy.  A few hours later, you were whisked away to the NICU (for pneumonia and meningitis) and we had to endure 14 nerve-wracking days in the hospital, but we finally made our way home on your two-week birthday--with a healthy baby boy--and it's been smooth sailing ever since!

These five years have been everything I could have dreamt of - and more!  You made me a mommy, Brantley, and for that, you will always hold a very special place in my heart.  I love watching you grow, learn, and mature.  You remind me of myself in so many ways, and you are (ahem, can be) the sweetest big brother there is.  I simply cannot believe you've been ours for the past five years.

I can't wait to see where you go in the next five, twenty-five, and even forty-five years.  How you will change, who you will become, and where your interests will go.  I can't predict what life will bring, but I do know that your daddy and I will always be very, very proud of you and all you do!  I love you more than words can express and I hope you have the best birthday yet!

Happy F I V E, Brantley boy!

Star Spangled Kids 2017

I have such a love/hate relationship with the 4th of July.  I love the holiday itself.  It's my second favorite to Christmas, but only a teensy bit lower on my list.  However, the 4th seems to be the beginning of the end {of summer}.  Which makes me sad.  But I'll try not to think about that quite yet.

I'm happy once again to be co-hosting the Star Spangled Kids link-up with a few of my favorite blogger friends!  All you have to do is post some festive photos of your kids donning their best red, white, and blue and then link up using the widget below (open through the 7th)!  Make sure you also tag your photos {on Instagram|} with the hashtag #starspangledkids.

I tried snapping photos of the boys on two separate occasions.  I didn't get anything super amazing, but 'tis the season of life, right?  These three are still my favorite!

I hope everyone has the best holiday full of friends, food, and fireworks!

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