1st Annual Canyon Creek Christmas Lighting Ceremony

To say that I'm thankful for our neighborhood is a huge understatement.  When we purchased our new house last spring, we had hopes and dreams of fun neighbors.  Neighbors who were around our age, perhaps with children near the ages of our own, and neighbors where Craig fit in well among the guys and I fit in well among the girls.  Slowly, but surely, we met a few and then a few turned into a handful and that handful turned in to a whole group of neighbors.  Our neighbors have exceeded our expectations and we are thankful every day for this tight knit group!!  The girls and I get together every Monday for a whole lot of randomness (The Bachelor, adult coloring, an attempt at knitting) but mostly just for the wine and girl/mom talk.  And the guys--jealous of our weekly social outings--have partaken in an occasional poker/beer/football guys' night.  There have also been plenty of family gatherings, birthday parties, backyard picnics, trick of treating, baseball/football watch parties, and a fantasy football draft and I've loved every moment.  Seriously, we chose the best. neighborhood. ever.

Anyway, I mentioned awhile back that the neighbor guys all pitched in and rented a lift to aide in hanging Christmas lights.  It was one of the coldest weekends this year (and when I say cold, I really mean 40 degrees--it's been a warm fall/winter so far!), but because they were drinking beer, I don't even think they minded!

As if it hadn't already been a fun weekend of watching this lift roll from driveway to driveway, at 4pm we decided to have a "lighting ceremony" a mere two hours later!!  We all got together on Sunday evening for pizza and then headed out to walk from house to house for the grand flip of each switch!  We pulled wagons, bundled up in blankets, and carried our adult beverages along the way!

We even decided to surprise Vanessa and family (who were unable to join us) and showed up on their front porch--Christmas carols and alll! 

By far, one of my favorite neighborhood memories to date.  There has been talk of making this a yearly thing and I sure hope we follow through with that plan!


  1. You have the most amazing neighborhood!! Each time you post about it I have high hopes and dreams that one day we'll be able to get back and get into a neighborhood like yours! Your kiddos are going to have the best memories thanks in part to such great neighbors!

  2. Ok seriously, you guys are SO MUCH FUN. You make me want to move to Kansas. No joke. I would LOVE a neighborhood like yours! The most I get is a hi occasionally from my neighbors. But maybe that's townhouse living? Anyway, I actually joked to Desiree once that if they moved back, we'd move with them but then the whole cold and snow and big bugs and tornado thing kinda turned me off lol. I'm a wuss.

  3. This is amazing. Our neighborhood is fun at Halloween. Everyone sits outside and essentially tailgates when the kids go door to door, but this is so much better! I wish we had a group like this in our neighborhood! We've only been there a few months so maybe with time!