Rodan + Fields Review

One of my college friends, Jenna, just recently became a consultant for Rodan + Fields.  Normally, I try to ignore the hype surrounding all of these direct sales companies, but when she offered me the chance to review one of their products, I couldn't turn her down!  Because I've noticed an increase in wrinkles around my eyes (girls in your 20s: say no to tanning beds!), I chose to try the R+F Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream.  But before I get to the results, let me share a few things I learned from Jenna...

Rodan and Fields is an award winning line of skincare products created by the two dermatologists that created Proactiv Solution, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. In 2002, the doctors had a vision to bring dermatology grade skin care products to the masses. They originally launched these products in high-end retail and there they did really well. But the doctors knew they could reach more. Despite being the number one clinical brand in Nordstrom, they decided to pull out of retail, knowing the the majority of people were buying based on referrals from friends. In 2008 they launched into direct sales and sold more in that channel in one month than they did in one year on all of the Nordstrom floors!  R+F is currently the #1 premium skincare line for anti-aging AND acne and #2 overall behind Estée Lauder!

 Okay, now for the eye cream.  First of all, it was light and easy to apply.  It worked nicely under make-up, but because it's summer, I often wore just this, sunscreen, and mascara.  The 0.5 ounce container is meant to last about two months, but I think I can stretch mine out a little longer.  Retail price is $80, but preferred customer price (more on that later) is $54.  (Note: The Clinique eye cream I was using prior to this cost me $53.)

  I've been using it twice per day for about three weeks now.  I was pretty religious about applying it the first week and a half, but I got a little lazy as time went on (mainly during our baby scare).  Still, I'd say I applied it, as recommended, twice per day at least 80% of the time.  Here are my results.  Before pictures on the left, after pictures on the right.  Other than a tiny bit of mascara, I have absolutely no make-up on in any of these pictures.

I'm not sure if it's super noticeable in these photos (unless you zoom in significanty, but that might be scary so beware!), but I feel like the skin around my eyes just appears stronger and brighter.  There are still wrinkles, but in my opinion, the wrinkles don't seem quite as deep as they were three weeks ago.  I imagine with further use, it will only get better, and I've already mentioned to Jenna that I want to purchase some of this as soon as I run out!

I also asked Jenna for her top five R+F recommendations.  Here's what she said (in no particular order)!

Jenna's Top 5 Rodan + Fields Recommendations:

#1 \\ Soothe Regimen Step #2: This sensitive skin treatment uses patented technology RFp3 to protect against triggers that cause inflammation, breakout, and aging. This received an award for new technology!  It instantly gets rid of redness!

#2 \\ Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream: This cream works while you sleep!  Sericin silk peptides stimulate collagen production and 12-hour time released antioxidants a, c, and e.

#3 \\ Redefine AMP MD Roller: This "best minute in skincare" patent technology is a noninvasive treatment that takes one minute to "roll" onto face, neck, and lips.  It contains 200 micro-fine stainless steel needles to promote skin firming.

#4 \\ Redefine Multi Function Eye Cream: This cream includes peptides that minimize crows feet and calm and reduce the appearance of puffiness. It's gentle as water and the contents help to diminish dark circles, while the optical filters visibly brighten the eye area.  **This is what I used!

#5 \\ Reverse Regimen Exfoliating Wash: This facewash includes intensive brightening toner, dual active brightening complex, and broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen.  It's awesome for dullness, dark spots, and sun damage.

Bonus \\ Foaming Sunless Tanner: This tanner is not streaky, smells good, and results in a real glow!

Because I love to help a friend out, and because Jenna loves R+F, she is offering free preferred customer enrollment (originally $19.95) to anyone who becomes a preferred customer in the month of July!  PC perks include 10% off products, free shipping on all orders over $80, and management of your account making it super easy on YOU!  If you are interested in learning more, or if you have any questions, you can check out Jenna's R+F website or email her at

Have you used an R+F products?  What are your faves? 

Disclaimer: I was gifted a 0.5 ounce container of R+F Redefine Multifunction Eye Cream in exchange for an honest review.  I also happily agreed to help Jenna promote her small business.  However, all opinions are my own! 

Brantley's 4th Birthday Wishlist

You firstborn turns 4 in eight days!!  It makes me a little sad because my favorite age range has always been 1 to 3, but he's been acting like such a big kid lately and I'm excited to see where this next stage of life takes us!!  The toddler days are over, that's for sure, and I think this wishlist is a true testament to that!!

Chiefs Cap - His non-toddler head has outgrown all of his toddler-sized caps and he's in need of a new Chiefs, Hawkeye, and Jayhawk hat.

V-Tech Kidizoom Camera - With a mama who always has a camera in his face, I bet Brantley would love one of his own!

View Master - These things have been around since I was a kid, so surely they are great toys!

Little Tikes Grip and Roll Balls - Give the kid a ball and he's happy.  Despite the 582 balls we already have at home, I know these would be a hit!

Critter Cage - Every boy needs one, right?  I can already see this thing full of lightning bugs during our next backyard camping experience.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - The kid loves stickers.  Maybe this notebook would encourage him to stick them places other than his arms.

Toy Bowling Set - Brantley's been obsessed with bowling since our first trip to the bowling alley over a year ago.  He always asks to go back, and at home, he always asks for plastic cups to use as his bowling pins.  Perhaps this would be a better option so we don't constantly have to run eight cups through the dishwasher.

Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer Goal - He got one of these for his first birthday three years ago, but it's been played with so much that the net is ripped.  I know with another boy on the way, we'll get good use out of a second!!  (Which will also probably need replaced at some point!)

Hasbro Pie Face Game - I've heard so much about this game and being a big game person myself, I think it's only necessary we buy one for ourselves!

4 Months Pregnant with 3.0

I can hardly believe how quickly this past month has gone.  Summer is going far too fast, but at least I have a maternity leave and baby to look forward to during this coming school year!  This month was full of ups and downs.  The Down Syndrome scare, obviously, but finding out we will be welcoming our third baby boy really helps me visualize life with three kids, so that was a definite up.  We are still nervously awaiting the results from the non-invasive blood test.  Though I'm feeling a million times better about the situation, the genetics counselor warned us that the markers of DS show up on sonograms only about 50% of the time.  Still, hearing the doctor say, "If it was my baby, I would not be worried" was huge.  In other news, this month I learned that a few friends will be welcoming additional babies, as well, and that is very exciting to me!  Yay for more 2016/17 babies!

On a related note, I'm getting nervous to bring home our third baby!  I've come to realize that I'm far more of a toddler person than a baby person.  I love the stage we are in now (with a 2- and almost 4-year old), and the thought of having to start over is daunting.  Overnight feedings, pumping, washing bottles, eating round the clock, 2-a-day naps, not leaving the house without an entire closet in's all so terrifying to me!  I'm already feeling sad about next summer when Brantley and Holden's fun with be semi-run by a baby's schedule, although at least by then Baby Boy will be 6+ months old.  Again, I want to appreciate the little things and not wish away Baby's first year of life, but seriously that 1 to 3 age is my favorite by far!!


How Far Along: 4 months (18 weeks and 3 days)

Size of Baby: The size of a sweet potato.

Milestone: The 20-week (okay 17-week) anatomy scan.

Gender: Third baby BOY!

Weight Gain: About 15 pounds.  Haven't stepped on the scale since my appointment last Monday and I hadn't gained since the Wednesday 12 days earlier.  I did a small happy dance inside.

Food Cravings: No specific cravings.

Food Aversions: No aversions either.

Movement: I still don't feel anything on the regular, but I have felt a few subtle movements that, having felt it before, I know is the baby.

Sleep: I am no longer able to sleep comfortably on my stomach so I busted out the Snoogle.  Speaking of, have you seen the new and improved version?  If only this wasn't my final pregnancy and I could justify buying one, I would in a heartbeat.  My old version is helping me sleep, but I had to ask the hubby to bring our portable AC to our bedroom to deal with this excess heat.

Clothing: Still my regular wardrobe but I fear I won't be in my regular shorts (the ones with buttons anyway) for much longer!  They are getting tighter and less comfortable.  Still rocking the two-piece but I don't feel like I look obviously pregnant, so I'm definitely more self conscious about it.  I have worn a few maternity pieces, but only because I want to.  In all seriousness, I probably look a little ridiculous without the belly to fill them.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Lack of energy (these hot summer days are killing me), feeling full no matter how much I eat, and feeling like I'm wearing 15+ extra pounds.  Oh wait, I am.

What I Miss: I will always miss the frosty beers and glasses of wine.  But I have started drinking NA bloody marys and they are far more delish than I ever could have imagined.

Best Moment: Learning our DS risks were cut in half, followed closely by learning the gender.

Looking Forward To: Watching the bump grow--except I forgot the lack of comfort that comes with that!!! I said before, I definitely want to enjoy this pregnancy seeing that it's my last!!

Here are my bump photos from the past month!  Follow me on Instagram (@sarahbsides) for a weekly glimpse!

Star-Spangled Kids

The kids went to Wichita for six days.  My plans were to do a blog post about our lovely time without the kids, but after adjusting to them being home again (and dealing with the "Grandma's house hangover"), I don't think I have the energy for an entire blog post.  Instead, I'm going to make this short and sweet and announce a festive link-up scheduled to begin next Friday.  The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  It ranks just a teensy, tiny bit below Christmas, but there are many things about the 4th I love even more than Christmas (ummmm warm weather anyone?).  This year, I'm co-hosting a 4th of July link-up called Star Spangled Kids.  All you have to do is dress up your kids in their best red, white, and blue, snap a picture, and blog about it (and link up) between next Friday, July 1 and the following Thursday, July 7.  You can also share your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #StarSpangledKids.  And that's it.  Because I love any and all things festive (especially kids), I can't wait to see all the cuties in their US of A best!

(And now I'm going to go cry because the 4th of July means summer is coming to an end quicker than I would like it to.)

#BoyMom Box Swap Reveal

In case you missed yesterday's post, I revealed that we're adding another BOY to our family!  Which officially makes me a #BoyMom for life!!  I've said before that I wasn't opposed to four kids, but after our most recent scare, I've come to realize that I'm perfectly content with three, and three only.  And because I'll be living in this world of bugs, balls, and baseball bats for the next 18+ years, I am even more excited to share our #BoyMom box swap goodies today!

We were matched with Andrea of Long Days, Short Years and I'm so glad because before this little swap, I had never come across her blog!  She lives in Rhode Island and is mommy to four - two girls and two boys!  That is seriously my dream family, but again, see above.  So I'll just live vicariously through you, Andrea! ;)

I had so much fun picking out gifts for her boys - one a huge Star Wars fan and the other a fan of dinosaurs.  Target's dollar spot was on point with both of these interests!  If you want to see what we sent, go check her blog!

Our package from Andrea arrived while the boys were at Grandma's.  It took everything I had not to rip into it (who knew seeing what your kids get could be so enticing!?), but I held out and let them open it as soon as they arrived home.  It was full of boy goodies--Legos, matchbox cars, a soccer ball, spray chalk, window clings, outdoor rackets (perfect because we just had the same one that broke), glow sticks, and a Star Wars something-or-other!   I should have take a picture of everything together, but the boys were way too eager to play!  Also, I'm not sure Brantley could have loved the gifts any more--check out his expressions!  Thank you, Andrea and boys, for the super fun package!!

And I certainly can't post about being a boy mom without leaving you with this one final photo.  I didn't even know I had snapped it, so you can imagine my amusement when I came across it after uploading the photos to my computer. #thisismylifenow

Alright all you boy moms, link up below and show us what you got!  I can't wait to see!  Elizabeth, Stephanie, and I are glad you participated!

It's a....

Another BOY!!!!  Our life is about to get even dirtier and more ornerier with a third boy to added to our mix!  We couldn't be more excited!!  Of course, there's a small part of me that mourns for the girl I'm never going to experience, but to say I'm thrilled for three boys is an understatement.  I can't wait to see the bond they share as they grow older, especially with only four years separating the first and last, and I especially can't wait to see Holden in the role of big brother to another sweet boy.  Brantley is still adjusting; last week he told me last week he wanted another brother, but when questioned these last few days, he now wants a sister.  Figures.  He may or may not have said "Nooo" when we revealed the little boy news to him.  But he's got about five months to adjust to the news and I have a feeling that once that little boy is old enough to learn all things sports, Brantley will be all in.

Thanks again to Vanessa for meeting us last night in this crazy heat to snap a few photos!!!

A Baby Update

I know I said I would post my gender reveal today, but plans have changed ever so slightly and I want to announce it in a more fun way!  So my sweet friend Vanessa agreed to snap a few photos for us tonight...but that means you'll have to wait one more day before finding out BOY or GIRL.  In the meantime I wanted to post an update after our appointment yesterday.  After all, a healthy baby was first and foremost and I want to write it all down before I forget.

Our appointment started with the genetics counselor.  We had already met with this same counselor during Holden's pregnancy (just standard protocol for the nuchal translucency test) so there wasn't a lot of new history to go over; rather, she gave us all the info about the Penta Screen blood test that put us in our situation, talked a lot about Down Syndrome, and gave us our options going forward.

We learned our odds were actually 1 in 135--instead of the 1 in 224 odds we were given last week.  I don't fully understand all of the specifics, but basically my doctor's office re-submitted the blood work after the initial results were received (1 in 135) with a different gestational age.  However, because the difference in gestational age was not greater than 10 days, the second results (1 in 224) were ruled "invalid", making the first results (1 in 135) the most accurate.  That was definitely a step back.

I asked a lot about the Penta Screen blood test; more specifically, what was it in my blood that signified Down Syndrome?  She said the test scans my blood (which also includes the baby's blood) for four or five substances and looks for patterns in those substances.  The patterns within those substances in my blood were consistent with the patterns in the blood of moms who give birth to a baby with Downs.  However, the patterns aren't conclusive - a normal baby can have results similar to a baby with Downs, and a baby with Downs can have results similar to those of a "normal" baby (for lack of a better word).  Also, the patterns within my blood led to those 1 in 135 odds; some people's patterns predict odds much worse than that.

We also leaned about further testing.  We have basically two options going forward: 1) the non-invasive blood screening (the same test that people are using to determine gender; the one we wanted to do six weeks ago that was not covered by our insurance) and 2) an amniocentesis.  After discussing both tests with the genetics counselor, we elected to go forth with the non-invasive blood test.  From what I understand, this test won't give us a percentage or odds so-to-speak, but it will indicate a pass or fail grade.  Again, pass does not mean we're in the clear, and fail does not mean our baby has Down Syndrome.  However, it will give us another piece to the puzzle.  The only sure way to know of any chromosomal issues pre-birth is to do an amniocentesis.  During an amnio, the lab actually looks at the baby's chromosomes; therefore, they can tell you 100% whether your baby has Down Syndrome or not.

After meeting with the genetics counselor, we went in for our sonogram.  The technician told us what she was looking at with each new view, but she didn't tell us much more (I'm sure she isn't legally allowed).  It didn't help that I had to pee like no other, but it was pure torture waiting for the sonogram to be over.  However, I did watch the whole thing (minus when she was looking for gender) and tried to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

The doctor came in almost immediately after the technician was done and she had basically all good news to report.  She said the baby is growing normally (while she would expect a baby with a chromosomal issue to not grow at a normal rate), the eyes looked good, the heart looked good, and she didn't see any of the "soft markers" of Down Syndrome.  Based on her report and Baby's lack of soft markers, our risks automatically decreased by half.

She did see a cyst in the baby's brain.  The official name is a choroid plexus cyst, which actually isn't a cyst at all.  It's more like a gap in the veins growing in the brain.  Although it used to be a marker for Down Syndrome, because it's such a common occurrence among even the healthiest of babies, she assured us it was removed from that list last year.  She really wasn't concerned about the cyst whatsoever.

There was one view of the baby's heart she couldn't get; therefore, we have to go back in a month so that they can try again.  However, our trip back for another sono has nothing to do with a negative finding.  Rather, something they just couldn't see based on Baby's position.  Although I'm not worried, we could use some prayers that something else doesn't turn up at that sonogram (as it did with Brantley four years ago).

All in all, very good news!  The high-risk doctor flat out said, "If it were my baby, I wouldn't be concerned" which was the biggest reassurance of all.  We feel so incredibly lucky to have received such positive news and can't thank everyone enough for the positive thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers.

We did have the technician seal the gender inside an envelope, and together, Craig and I opened it at a celebratory dinner last night.  Some of our close family and friends already know (I still need to text some of you, sorry!), but I plan to post the results to social media tomorrow...I promise this time!

Thank you again for all of the support.  We're, of course, still not "in the clear" but we're feeling much better about the situation we're in.  Blood results will be back in about 10 days and like I said, we go back for another sono in four weeks.  Any and all prayers for continued health would be much appreciated!!

Gender Predictions

First things first, thank you all so much for the support, encouragement, and reassurance after Friday's post.  Though I have no idea what we're going to learn later today, I feel a whole lot more at peace about the situation and I know that everything will be okay in the end, regardless of the outcome.  I like to remind myself that the odds are largely in our favor, but I also want to prepare myself in the instance that this baby isn't quite what we expected.  Though all of your comments were helpful and uplifting, one comment really stuck with me throughout the weekend.  The possibility of having a baby with Down Syndrome is scary only because it's not what we expected (thanks, Colleen!).  I'll be honest, I was sad to learn Brantley was a boy, only because I had convinced myself 150% that I was way too girly to have boys.  Fast forward four years and I can't imagine anything different than two ornery, sports-loving, dirty mama's boys.  I love them something fierce and the thought of wanting to change them is absurd.  I know comparing gender to a baby with special needs in an entirely different situation, but in the end, there are a lot of similarities to these stories.  Anyway, thank you again for all of the comments, texts, messages, thoughts, and prayers.  I feel so lucky to have such special real-life friends and be part of such an amazing online community.  I have definitely felt the love all weekend long.

Since we should find out the baby's gender today (and I'm back to being excited about it!), how about some fun, light-hearted gender predictions?  I still have no idea what I'm carrying.  On one hand, this pregnancy has been so different and I can't help but think GIRL.  On the other, my intuition lately has been saying BOY...but I think because that's literally all I know.  Consensus from friends seems to be split about 50/50.  Here are what many of the old wives tales say...

Now it's your turn to vote!  What do you think?

What do you think: BOY or GIRL?


Do Riddles

Assuming Baby cooperates later today, I'll be back with the results sometime tomorrow--though I can't promise it'll be in the early morning hours.  Stay tuned...

One in 224

If someone told me there was a 1 in 224 chance of winning the lottery, I would go about my normal spending habits...and by no means, hold my breath.

If I had a 1 in 224 chance of being selected for jury duty, I would plan my days normally.

If a baseball player has a .004 batting average, chances of him getting a hit are pretty dismal...basically non-existent.

Yet, when slapped with the news this baby I'm carrying is at an increased risk of being born with Down Syndrome, 1 in 224 to be exact, I can't help but to think we are going to be that one rare case.

The news came on Wednesday.  My phone dinged and I noticed a voicemail from my OB's office.  At first, I figured it was an appointment reminder...until I realized my next appointment was still three weeks away.  Then I remembered the Penta Screen blood test we had done a week prior.  I assumed they were calling to tell me everything had come back normal.  And then I listened to the voicemail.  The familial voice of my doctor herself sounded on the other end, asking me to call her when I had the chance.

Immediately, my heart started pounding.  In that instant, I knew it wasn't good.  My fingers trembled as I pushed the buttons to return her call.  The receptionist asked who was calling and quicker than I expected, Dr. Cooper was on the other end.

Her first words were something to the effect of "You are high risk for Down Syndrome."  She might as well have said "Your baby has Down Syndrome" because that's what I heard.  

Heart break.

She went on to say that my blood work showed we're at an increased risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome, the odds being 1 in 224, which is less than 0.5%.


However, it's also not what's considered "normal".  According to the Internet, "normal" odds are 1 in 250 (or 270...I've seen both) and our odds are 1 in 224.  Which makes sense because, according to my doctor, we fall just below the cutoff.

I'm a math teacher.  I love numbers.  I know these odds are wildly in our favor.  223 times out of 224 (99.55%) the baby is born without the genetic condition.  That's huge...and the chance of us being that one rare case is just that - rare.  

But I also can't deny that whatever showed up in my blood work is consistent with the blood work of mothers who birth babies with Down Syndrome.  And that has me terrified.

As ashamed as I am to admit, some of the worst thoughts have been floating through my head.

I don't want a baby with Down Syndrome.

We should have stopped at two.

This perfect life we now know will soon be over.

We already endured hardships during my pregnancy with Brantley...and then again after he was born.  WHY us again?!

I wish we wouldn't have done this test.

I wish we wouldn't have gotten pregnant the first month of trying...then it would be a different baby made up of a different set of chromosomes.

Life is not fair. 

I've been praying around the clock.

Please, God, give us a normal baby and then I'm done having kids.

Why, why, why???

To this point, my pregnancy has been a dream.  Perfect and without complications, morning sickness, and any negative side effects.  But from day one, it felt too good to be true.  I just felt it, something was bound to go wrong.

And now this.  A diagnosis like this would be life changing.  I'm scared.  Terrified, worried, and heart broken, to be exact.

But then I remind myself it could be worse.  It's not the end of the world.  It's not a death sentence.  People have babies with Down Syndrome all the time.  They love them.  They wouldn't change them.  

I will love this baby regardless.  It's just not how I pictured my life with three kids.  At all.

The tears have been plenty and the fears are real.  

Where do we go next?  In lieu of our originally scheduled 20-week anatomy scan on July 6, we now have to go (get to go?) for a level 2 ultrasound on Monday at the hospital.  The doctor will look more in depth for the tell-tale "markers" of Down Syndrome.  Based on the results, we may or may not elect to have an amniocentesis.

My excitement for our 20-week ultrasound no longer exists.  On one hand, I want to go because I want the good news that our baby is fine.  On the other, I just want to avoid it.  I want to avoid looking...and listening...because quite honestly, I don't want to know.  And at this point, I couldn't care less about the gender of this baby. 

I'm trying to stay positive...and remind myself of that 99.5% chance that our baby is fine.  But it's hard.  Tremendously hard to think positive when thrown into this situation.

I really don't mind sharing our news.  It helps me sort through my feelings and {shocker} as someone who blogs, I don't mind sharing the details of my life.  But more than anything, I believe that the more people praying for this baby, the better.

1 in 224.  Those are our odds.  Could you do me a favor and please, please, please pray that we are among the 223?  And worse case scenario, pray for our strength and positivity in the rare instance that we are not, but rather we the one.

(To the moms of children with Down Syndrome--or any other life-altering diagnosis--who may read this: Please don't take this the wrong way.  By no means am I saying your life isn't perfect.  I'm just trying to be 100% honest in describing the way I feel in this moment.  My feelings are very raw, as it's only been about 36 hours since receiving the news.  I hope you can understand how I feel and remember the moment you learned about the diagnosis of your little one.  I know my life will still be perfect...and that everything will be okay in the end.  It may just be different than what I ever imagined.  I do believe that everything happens for a reason, which was and still in my outlook on the difficulties we endured with Brantley.  I have no doubt I will feel the same about this as time passes.  I know God is in control and my mom also reminded me that He only gives special babies to special moms and dads.  Please don't hate me for writing some of the things I did.)

30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge \ The First 15

I mentioned before that I had signed up to participate in a 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge hosted by fellow KC blogger and photographer, Megan Peters of Crazy Bananas.  The challenge spans the month of June and each day suggests a different theme.  Though a fancy (DSLR) camera wasn't required to join the challenge, as someone always striving to improve my manual photog skills, I knew that's the route I wanted to take it.  All but one of these photos (can you guess which one??) were taken on my camera using my 50/1.8 lens, transferred via my wireless SD card, and edited using only the Color Story app on my phone.  Some of my photos have been well thought out, based on the daily theme.  Yet, because my camera is constantly near me, some of them are candid shots I later realize will work perfectly for an upcoming theme.  Another goal of mine has been to not use a photo "from my archives", but rather take all of these photos throughout the month of June, and so far, that mission has been accomplished.  I have truly enjoyed this little challenge and I look forward to the second half.  In the meantime, here are my first half photos!

day 1 // good morning   

day 2 // jump 

day 3 // cold treat 

day 4 // from where I sit

day 5 // light

day 6 // filthy

day 7 // reading

day 8 // silhouette

day 9 // run

day 10 // picnic

day 11 // black and white

day 12 // barefoot
day 13 // grass

day 14 // naptime

day 15 // friendship

Which shots are your favorite??