Christmas with Grandma & Papa Sides

Because we are headed to Iowa for Christmas this year, Craig's parents came to Kansas City last weekend to celebrate Christmas with us.  It was a short and sweet visit and the highlight was definitely Saturday night's gift exchange.  Brantley asked to open his gifts the moment Grandma and Papa walked in the door on Saturday morning, so to say he finally gets it is a definite understatement!  However, you'd never know based on the look on his face in each of the following photos.  Ditto for Holden.  Seriously, do these two ever smile in photos??


  (Except for this one.  But I told him to show me his excited face.)

The boys scored some new balls, some new games, and about fifteen other items to clutter our floor. ;)  As always, they were spoiled beyond what they should.  To my surprise, Holden did quite well.  For a 1 1/2 year old, he was extremely interested in his gifts and tore into the wrapping paper like he was an experienced veteran.  After opening all of his gifts, Brantley exclaimed, "Hey, I didn't get a dump truck puzzle!"  We explained to him that Christmas wasn't yet over and he's been asking to open the presents under our tree ever since.

Thank you to Grandma and Papa Sides for coming to visit and especially for all of the thoughtful Christmas gifts!  The boys have already played their little hearts out and Craig and I can't wait to take our family camping with our new tent!


  1. Such serious faces. Ha, ha! I think that I would like to come over for a game of bowling & checking out that 6-in-1 Marvel games. :)

  2. Ah they must've loved it! It's even more exciting how the real Christmas is yet to come =]=] Hopefully Santa will bring Brantley a dump truck puzzle! Hehe.