Neighborhood Sleigh Ride & Meeting Santa

Monday night was our neighborhood's annual sleigh ride.  What a perfect day for it--60 degrees, spring-like, and sunny!  Of course, by the 6:30 start time, the air had cooled and it was chilly enough to pretend like it was winter, but sure made for a comfortable trip around the block!

We also met Santa.  Well...tried.  Brantley was not crazy about the man with the big white beard, despite seeing cartoon pictures of him on his pajamas and on t.v. 

Wanting NOTHING to do with the jolly ole man

"Daddy, save me!"

We're headed to the festive Crown Center this we'll try again!

We also met some horsies.  And petted them.  Though Brantley kept moo-ing at their sight.  

What a festive kick-off to the month of December!  Looking forward to all the other holiday festivities!

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  1. How fun!!! Congrats in TWO boys, just caught up! :)