Christmas in Kansas

Because I take far too many photos, I'm going to have to split the Christmas recap into multiple posts.  First up, our own little celebration at home!  

For the second year in a row, we have celebrated our "pseudo Christmas Day" on the 23rd.  I'm very adamant about Santa delivering gifts to our house (and not Grandma's) and I insist of having our own immediate celebration here.  Though I don't know this will always work (like when our kids are older and know very well Santa doesn't come on the 22nd), it's what works for now.

Santa delivered his goodies on the 22nd after the boys were in bed.  I'm pretty sure I was more excited than anyone!  I even strategically left my camera at the top of the stairs so I was more than ready the next morning.

Let's just say their reactions to the $300 gift were pretty dismal.  In typical threenager fashion, Brantley exclaimed, "Not fair!  I didn't get a dump truck puzzle!"  Even better--Craig got it on video!  If you can get past the sneezing kid and sideways orientation, it's pretty funny.

Next up, the stockings.  Brantley was pretty stoked about his barrel of monkeys.

And finally, the four gifts from Craig and I.

Brantley loved the electric Frozen toothbrush.  Perhaps we should have stuck a few Olaf decals on the truck?

And Holden's favorite was his bicycle helmet.  I suppose that's good because it may come in handy as a passenger in the new truck.

He proceeded to open the rest of his gifts with this on his head.  Gift opening can be dangerous, you know.

And last, but definitely not least.

What could it be, you ask?

The infamous dump truck puzzle!  All of $12 and he freakin' loved it.  He may have even muttered the words, "This makes me so happy!" #iwishiwaskidding

The boys finally got excited about the new truck once they gave it a test drive in the kitchen.

And because it was unseasonable warm for December 23rd, we took it outside to enjoy for 30 minutes.

Xix days later and the ground is covered in a layer of snow.  I can't wait for warmer days and trips around the neighborhood in this thing!  Word on the street is that three other neighbor families also received similar Powerwheels.  (And three already have them so a neighborhood parade seems to be in order!)

Of course, they couldn't pass up testing out the rest of their new outdoor toys, as well.


With a 1- and 3-year old, I'd say this was my favorite Christmas to date!  But it doesn't even scratch the surface.  Later that day, we took off for Iowa to celebrate three more times.  Stay tuned for those recaps!


  1. Your boys crack me up, they are so serious. Ha! I know that I love that truck & I'd like to come on down for a visit to ride in it. :)

  2. I'm all for your early Christmas!!! There's something special about having Santa come to your house and opening presents with just your family. This is going to sound HORRIBLE but sometimes I'm sad we have so many celebrations. Like Christmas Eve we got home SUPER late and I knew Mason should go to bed but I wanted so badly for him to help leave out cookies and milk for Santa that I let him stay up a few minutes more. We put the cookies out together (he dropped them on the floor), he dumped a bag of carrots on the plate for the reindeer and we put it under the tree. It didn't pan out the way I had planned in my head, but I made it work, just like you shifted Christmas to make it work for you guys :)

  3. It looks like you had a great Christmas! I hope they enjoy their awesome car! XOXO

  4. oh my goodness that car looks awesome :)

  5. That's a really great idea, I never really thought of doing Christmas at home before leaving town. Definitely makes it more special! And yes, it's so funny to see what kids get excited about and what they don't! Wyatt's favorite Christmas-by far-was superhero underwear!