Year in Review 2015

 Year in Reviews are some of my very favorite blog posts to write!  I love reflecting upon the previous year and all of its highlights as we prep ourselves to ring in the new one.  This year, I'm taking the same approach as last year.  I'm posting one photo to summarize each month of 2015.  Enjoy!

When we rang in 2015, we had no idea that our house would be on the market and we'd put an offer on a new one just a few short weeks later.  We literally went from casually looking to finding a new house to putting ours on the market to signing offers on both in under three weeks!  Although a new house was what I wanted, I cried and cried over leaving {the memories of} our old one.  I also turned 32...but that was nothing compared to the roller coaster that was buying and selling a house.  2015 definitely started off with a bang!

We spent basically every weekend in February packing our old house....that and visiting the new one!  Since we had the code to the key box, we made an appearance at least once per weekend!  Because of our busy month, I have basically no photos from February.  Just Holden's monthly photo and this Valentine's-themed photo of the boys.

Official closing date - March 2.  A Monday.  What on earth were we thinking closing on a Monday?!  There were a few stressful moments when the buyers of our old house, who were out of town for the weekend, got stuck on the east coast and weren't sure they'd make it back to close.  Luckily they made it--a few hours later than normal--but it all worked out.  We stuck around home for my Spring Break (in lieu of our previously planned vacay to Arizona) to unpack and try to make our house into a home!

We celebrated a special someone's first birthday in April - the first of many parties in our new house!

Craig and I enjoyed a day date and segway tour in the Plaza/Westport area.  He enjoyed the KC history and I was just happy to stay on my segway!

The start of an amazing summer with my boys.  Here we are picking blueberries - one of many, many summer activities we partook in.

So hard to pick a photo to describe our July.  Brantley turned 3, Craig and I celebrated five years of marriage, and we made the annual trip to the Lake of the Ozarks.

We added a patio to our backyard and spent more time out there in a few weeks time than we had since moving in!

This was a big month in our house as it included our very first "first day" of school!  Brantley started 3-year old preschool and has loved every day of it since!

 Every holiday is more fun than the last and Halloween this year with Olaf and a penguin did not disappoint!

Four words - Royals. World. Champion. Celebration.  800,000 Royal's fan in one place to celebrate a World Series win = a day I'll not soon forget!

 Christmas with these cuties!

And finally, the "letter" I included with our Christmas cards this year.

Happy New Years, friends, family, and blog followers!


  1. I feel like I got to get caught up in this post :) What a great year you guys had!! Hopefully the start of this one will be a little more relaxed for you (no moving). Cheers to 2016

  2. Happy New Year!! What a wonderful year!!

  3. I love the infographic, did you make that?! What a full year of blessings. Wishing you another great year!

  4. My gosh, the time has flown. I recognize some of these things and some I don't so I can't remember when I started following along! I can't believe you have been in your house for almost a year now. So crazy and exciting! I keep thinking that MAYBE this will be the year we get a house and hope that I can make my dream become a reality!

  5. Love this! Did you make that "Year in Review" letter you sent out to friends and family, yourself?! It's AWEsome! How can I do something like that?!?


  6. What a great year for your family! Here's to a great 2016!

  7. What a great year! Love the "year in review" on your Christmas cards!