Friday Five - Five Things Christmas

It's Friday!  I have one more full week of school and then four days of final exams to proctor - and then it's CHRISTMAS BREAK!  I can hardly believe this school year is nearly half over already!  No complaints here though...bring on summer!

This weekend will consist of a few holiday-themed activities, perhaps a trip to see Santa, photos for an old neighbor, and the Big Ten Championship game on t.v. tomorrow night at 6.  It's gearing up to be a great December weekend!  But first, my {Christmas-themed} Friday five!

| 1 |
I'm happy to report, Gordon's 5 for 5 on remembering his night time shenanigans.  So far, he's built a matchbox car choo-choo-train with the boys' cars, gotten stuck under a beer glass, tried roasting a marshmallow above our candle, hung out in the dog treat jar, and put pom pom noses and googly eyes on pictures of the boys.  Brantley is already obsessed with searching for Gordon the moment he wakes up and he thinks Gordon is so funny.

Thanks to Pinterest for the easy, yet fun, ideas! (Visit my Elf board here.)  As I was searching for and pinning said ideas, I came across this pin - Elf of the Shelf for Slackers.  Have you seen it?  It. is. hilarious.  Follow the link to the blog and take the two minutes to read won't be sorry!

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We listen to Apple Radio quite frequently in our house.  We access it either from our phones or iPad and play it through our Bose speaker.  Lately, I'm loving the Sounds of Christmas station.  The music is very soothing and peaceful, yet included is less popular versions of many of the traditional favorites.  I love me some Christmas music but I get tired of the stuff on the radio 24/7

| 3 |
When myself and all of my dad's-side cousins were kids, my aunts made us each a felt Christmas stocking.  They were never the stockings that Santa filled with goodies (in my immediate family's house anyway), but my sister's and I were still always displayed in our home during the holidays.  On Wednesday, these two stockings showed up in our mailbox.  They are so special to me because 1) they were made by my aunt/Godmother and 2) I love that my own children now have one of these Fritz-family traditions of their own.  And come on, how cute are they?!  Thank you so much to my Aunt Mary (and cousin Bridget who helped)!!!!!

(Side note: Craig received one of his own a couple of years ago!  I need to photograph all four of ours.)

| 4 |
I've been on the hunt for an Advent calendar since last year.  While at Target on Wednesday, I found this one - for $12!!!  Sure beats Pottery Barn's for $69!  I'm still searching for the perfect place to hang it, but I'm hopeful I can make it work somewhere in our house!

| 5 |
And last, but not least, Christmas shopping is underway--thanks mainly to the Internet.  Last year, we started the something they want, need, wear, read rule for our kids and plan to follow it again this year.  I've got the want, wear, and read down...but can't possibly think of anything for Brantley's need!  Vanessa suggested snow pants and/or snow boots...but we have both of those because I bought them about four sizes too big three years ago.  I'm getting Holden either a bicycle helmet or an Ok to Wake Alarm Clock, but I could sure use some help with Brantley!  Leave your ideas in the comments - please and thank you! ;)

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. It's only day 4 with our elf and I'm already out of slacker! I may steal some of yours! ;) The felt stockings are adorable--what a sweet memory to have too! Oh and I think Brantley NEEDS a hawkeye sticker for his new denali. Will that work?! ;)

  2. Your elf is rocking it! We've managed to move ours each night, but I echo Vanessa -- the ideas are slim picking already. I need to jump on Pinterest for some inspiration!
    Confession - we've never listened to Apple Radio, just Pandora. But, totally checking it out! All the Christmas music that's on Pandora AND the radio is so over played!
    Those stockings!! Stockings are a big deal in our house. My brother and I had hand knit stockings made by a family friend (those stay at my parent's house). And, my mom has made all of the stockings for my family. I'm DYING to start decorating and put those up!

  3. Your elf has been busy!! I love homemade stockings. My mom made all of our ours growing up, and then I used her same pattern to make ones for my new family!