Hello?!  Anyone out there in blog land still following along?  I took quite the blogging hiatus, huh?  The beginning of the school year is always so exhausting.  Waking up early, being on my feet all day (in heals nonetheless), and teaching wears a girl out!  I recently saw this on Pinterest and it couldn't be more true...

Luckily, you didn't miss much because, other than school, life lately has been pretty average.  Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to since my last post!

Kinnick turned 5 on August 15.  So, in human years, 35.  Old man dog.  He's officially the oldest in the house.  That sort of makes me sad.  It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from six-o-onest street in Warrensburg.  That's right.  Six-o-onest street.  This math teacher had a complete blond moment and called it six-o-onest street as I was directing my then boyfriend (now husband) to the kennel, not six-hundred-and-first street like it should have been.  Makes for a funny memory.  Anyway, happy birthday to my furbaby!  Poor dog didn't even get a birthday treat this year.  In fact, I forgot about his birthday until after the fact and the hubs was out of town for work, so naturally, he didn't remember.  Sort of sums up Kinnick's life since Brantley was born.  Sorry about that dog.  He truly is the best dog ever and we'll always love our first ever "baby".  Happy 5th birthday Schnauz!

We went to the Olathe Balloon Fest.  Technically, this was before school started...I just never blogged about it.  We met up with some friends and enjoyed funnel cakes, beers, and corn dogs.  The hot air balloons were cool, but probably not worth the $15 tickets to get in.

We got a beer fridge for our garage.  I told you life has been pretty average...I wasn't kidding.  Craig's wanted one for some time, and a friend/neighbor was giving one away.  The coolest part about it?  It's painted with chalkboard paint, so when Brantley's old enough, he can doodle on it!  As long as he doesn't also doodle on the good fridge...

I made some super cute DIY rolo pencils.  I'm part of the social committee at my school and we have a tradition of giving new teachers little gifts their first few weeks of school.  I saw these on Pinterest over the summer and knew they were perfect for the occasion!  I enjoyed being crafty, even through my exhausted-ness.

We went to Wichita for Craig's annual 4-hour fantasy football draft.  Fun stuff.  We went to dinner with Wichita friends and also took extended family photos.  These photos have been in the works for nearly two years, but people kept getting pregnant so the pictures kept getting postponed!

I booked Brantley's first flight.  Not only is it his first, but I'll be solo with him.  Yikes.  We're driving to Wisconsin next weekend for a high school friend's wedding.  The plan was to drive home on Sunday until Craig realized he needed to be in Chicago on Sunday at noon for a work conference.  I refuse to drive 8+ hours home by myself (and then go to work on Monday), so I decided to fly back to KC from Chicago.  We are driving a rental car up there, which works perfectly so Craig can fly home on Wednesday!

Probably the biggest news since my last post - WE NOW HAVE A WALKER!  Brantley's been taking steps for over a month, but only when we coaxed him.  Late last week, he started standing from a sitting position (without holding onto anything) and over the weekend, we noticed him walking more than crawling.  Now he's going non-stop.  Walking everywhere and walking FAST!  I think it's finally safe to say we have a toddler.  Perhaps a little later than others, but our sweet baby boy finally learned to walk at 13 1/2 months. We couldn't be more proud!

When It Rains, It Pours

Literally.  On my drive to work yesterday.  It was awful.  And caused me to be to work fifteen minutes later than I planned.  And I already planned on being a little late (8:00 instead of 7:30) to avoid paying our sitter the early fee.  Luckily, it was just a work day and no one even knew I strolled in at 8:15.

The rain was long gone today.  But, unfortunately, my problems were not.

On my early morning drive to daycare, I got a flat tire.  I had no idea what was happening.  I've only had a flat tire two other times in my life and both were when my car was parked.  Well this morning, my car started shaking and making a really loud noise.  Mind you, I was driving 70 mph down the highway.  (Don't worry--I think the speed limit is 65.  Which really means I was probably going 75.)  I was within a mile from the exit to our sitters, so despite slowing way down, I kept on going.  (I really didn't want to pull over on the shoulder of the highway when I was so close.)

Our sweet daycare lady's husband came to my rescue.  45 minutes later, I was on my way to work.  I was, of course, that car going 55 mph down 435 (speed limit: 65) because I was driving on my donut.  I was certain a car would rear-end me as a result of my slowness.  I hated myself for being that person.  (Note to self: Don't hate those people...you never know their situation.)  

I finally arrived to school at 8:00.  Despite calling a few co-workers and filling them in on my situation, I still had to walk into our staff meeting 30 minutes late.  I hate that.

Anyway, on with my day.

Around 1:00, I received a text from daycare.  A picture of a thermometer that read 101.6 and a note, "Are you or someone able to get him?"

Are you serious?  It's my first week back, my husband is gone, I got a flat tire, and now I have a sick kid??  This has to be some cruel joke.

I quickly packed up my things and headed on my way.  My principal was very understanding and even told me to take tomorrow off, if need be.  But that's easier said than done, especially when trying to prepare for my first day with kids. 

So anyway, the rest of the day was pretty low-key, thankfully.  Well, other than the whole getting-my-tire-replaced thing.  A 2 1/2 hour wait at Walmart!  With a sick kid.  A tired, fussy, sick kid.  I tried, but only made it 30 minutes, so thanks to Hollyn for coming to our rescue! And thanks to neighbor Paul for taking me back tonight for my car.

Poor Brantley went to bed early (at 7:00) after snugging on my chest for an evening nap.  That's so unlike him.  He had a 102-point-something fever when I put him to bed.  I'm hoping the extra sleep helps him fight off whatever it is he has.

An old co-worker even offered to watch him tomorrow--sick and all!  (He's has to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to daycare.)  Did I mention the old co-worker is a nurse?  With four kids of her own.  Aka an angel in my eyes.

They say bad things come in threes.  Well, I've hit my three.
1) Car accident (a $700 one...ugh)
2) Flat tire 
3) Sick kid

Please, please, please let that be all.  I'm just not sure I can handle much more on my own this week...

Summer Reflection

Friday, August 9.  How in the world is it here already??  It being my last official day of summer.  Monday is when reality sets in once again.

Early wake-ups.
Long days.
And an exhausted Sarah.

Part of me is super excited for yet another school year.  (My seventh...how is that possible?)  Another part feels like my maternity leave is coming to an end all over again. #tears

To make matters worse, Craig is gone for work all next week.  Which means Mommy has to drop off and pick up from daycare five days in a row.  After working 8+ hour days in hopes of mentally and physically preparing myself for the school year.  Nothing like a reality smack in the face, huh?

Oh well.  I'll survive.

(I know what you're thinking..."You just had 2 1/2 months off!"  Those 2 1/2 months are well deserved, let me tell ya, and any teacher would agree!)

It's been such a fantastic summer.  Lots of great memories.

Girls' trip to Cali.
A week at the lake.
Family vacation to Florida.
First birthday party.
Third wedding anniversary.
Soccer and baseball games.
Kenny Chesney concert.
Farmer's Markets.
Blueberry picking.
Coffee dates.
Play dates.
Lunch dates.
Pool parties.
Happy hours.

The list goes on and on.  But perhaps my favorite thing about summer of '13?  Watching my baby grow from a baby into a toddler before my very eyes.  He's walking (almost) and talking (sort of) and has such a fun TODDLER-like personality.  I think these pictures prove my point.  Baby on the left, toddler on the right.  I'm so lucky for the opportunity to witness this transformation and I will forever cherish my memories from our first full summer together. #moretears

Every summer, I think to myself, "Best summer ever...there's no way it can be topped."  But somehow, I continue to be surprised.  Only time will tell what next summer has in store and I can't wait to find out!

So long Summer of '13!  You've been pretty great!

Good-Byes are Never Easy

In May of 2012, we started a 6-week long childbirth class.  Of course, we learned a lot and laughed once or twice, but my favorite part of the class was our friends that came out of the ordeal.  I remember vividly on the second-to-last week of class - Ben and Lauren walked right up to us, asked if we wanted to hang out {outside of class}, and got our numbers.  Clearly, they weren't shy!  We went to dinner that weekend and--it might sound weird--but just seemed to click!  They were due with a baby girl just five days after us, there were a lot of similarities in our personalities, and they lived just a few miles away.  (I knew Lauren and I were meant to be BFFs when she suggested we use Jessica Simpson's name for a childbirth class exercise!  Ha!)

Between May of 2012 and July of this year, we shared a lot of fun times.  Christmas in Crown Center, pregnant 4th of July party, Lenexa chili cook-off, chevron pumpkin decorating, Zac Brown Band concert, Kenny concert, Social Suppers, Boulevard tour (oh wait...you were late), BBQ involving too many sweet tea vodkas, dinners out, dinners in, parties at your place, parties at our place, happy hours, baby play dates, and driveway fire pits.  Oh, not to mention, being together at the hospital when our babies were born!

In late June, I went to a girls' night.  Almost immediately, Lauren announced they were moving.  Just like that.  Their house was on the market, Ben had accepted a job in Atlanta, and they'd be gone as soon as their house sold.  There were tears and lots of disappointment, even though ultimately, it's what they wanted.

We had a final farewell girls' night a couple of weeks ago.  Man, was it hard to say good-bye.  Of course, it was not truly a "good-bye", but instead a "see you soon". 

We are going to miss you guys so much here in Kansas City and are so glad for your friendship!  It was fun watching our babies grow together in their first years of life, and Brantley was lucky to have such a beautiful first girlfriend. :)  You guys seriously mean so much to us and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. <3  Best of luck in Atlanta...can't wait to come visit!

Here are some pictures I dug up of some of our fun times together!  Xoxo

July - pregnant Lauren {and Madi} visiting Brantley in the NICU

October - maternity leave play date

October - watching Mads for a few hours

October - sweet sleeping babes
October - Lenexa chili cook-off

October - Lenexa chili cook-off
December - Crown Center Christmas fun

New Year's Eve - they were each others first NYE dates!
One of many happy hours
January - my 30th birthday painting party

February - Superbowl Party

February - giving My Gym a try
February - first kiss!

February - Out before the ZBB concert

February - ZBB Concert

February - Boulevard Tour
February - Boulevard Tour

March - St. Patty's Day

April - Warm weather brought BBQs and time outside!

June - Another night, another BBQ

June - Good times
June - Black Bob Bay

June - Tailgating at the Kenny concert

July - Mads' 1st bday party
July - Farewell happy hour :(