Family Photos 2018

I have never despised family photos quite like my husband.  He really, truly dreads them like I dread going to the dentist.  But, he obliges because a) he knows it's important to me and b) he appreciates having annual photos as the boys grow.  I have never loved the process, but always leave thinking "That wasn't bad."  Until this year.  Oh, holy heavens.  I'm not sure I have ever wanted needed a drink so badly.  Allow me to recap.

We meet up with our photographer and say our hellos.  Brantley falls in the tall grass.  On purpose, of course.  Rhett wants nothing to do with the camera.  Brantley falls in the grass again.  Rhett will not stand...or his brothers for a photo.  Holden forgets how to smile naturally.  Brantley falls down, again.  (For the love of God, stop falling!)  Rhett will not stand out of arms reach of me.  Holden is still smiling ridiculously.  Quite similar to this emoji actually --> 😬.  Brantley falls for a fourth time.  And officially makes our photographer question what she's gotten herself into, as she's eight months pregnant with her first boy.  By now Rhett refuses to even look at the camera, let alone sit for a "brothers" photo.  And Holden still can't smile.

So yeah, I left feeling very defeated and questioning my existence as a mother.  And obviously, with very low expectations for our photos.  Yet somehow, our photographer did what photographers do, worked her magic, and gave us photos beyond anything I had imagined.




So, moral of the story.  Have a miserable time.  Set your expectations very low.  And then, expect to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  Now, I'm off to design our Christmas card!