Living to the Full at the Big 12 Tourney!

This post is sponsored by Phillips 66. #partner

March ranks up there as one of my favorite months.  Warm(ish) weather, Daylight Savings, Spring Break, St. Patty's Day.  It's such a breath of fresh air after the long and dark winter.  I'm even a big fan of basketball during the month of March.  So when Phillips 66 reached out with an opportunity to attend the Big 12 tournament, and with a husband and kids who adore sports, I couldn't say no!

I loaded up the boys after school on Thursday and headed towards downtown to meet Craig, who had been there all day for "work".  We made a quick stop on the way at Phillips 66 to fill up with gas using their new Mobile Pay option on the My Phillips 66 app.  It was super easy to use and the app has so many great features, like displaying the nearest Philips 66 as soon as you open it.

Once my gas tank was full, it was onward to downtown.  I wasn't about to brave the traffic (and parking situation) near the Sprint Center, so I parked a ways away and we hopped on the street car!  Riding the street car may have as big a highlight as the rest of the night!  (Thanks to the sweet girl who took our photo while waiting for it to arrive.)

When we finally made to the Power & Light District, we met up with Daddy and visited the Phillips 66 game zone outside of the Sprint Center.  To say the boys loved the games would be a huge understatement!  The came away with some Phillips 66 goodies that they think is a pretty big deal!

Craig goes every year, but I had never been to the Power & Light District for the Big 12 Tournament.  Not that I was surprised, but uber impressed with how this city transform in order to host such an ordeal!

We finally made our way into the game and got to see Texas Tech defeat Texas.  It was the boys' first college basketball experience and though we missed seeing the Jayhawks play by a few hours (darn work schedule) but we were donning our Rock Chalk apparel anyway!

We only stayed for the first - of two - evening games and once again, enjoyed a ride on the street car en route back to our van.  It's always nice to do something unconventional, especially on a weeknight, especially when it means exploring this city that we very much love!

Our strategy as parents has always been to not allow our children to rule our lives or to stop us from doing the things we want, which goes right along with Phillips 66's tagline "Live to the Full."  So, a huge thanks to Phillips 66 for helping us to do just that while also giving our kids this new and exciting experience!

Last thing, along with Phillips 66, I am giving away five $25 gas cards over on Instagram!  The giveaway ends tonight and right now, your chances of winning are extremely high! 😉