Deck the Halls - A Holiday Home Tour

I love a good holiday home tour!  Probably because I love Christmas so much.  But also, I'm a snoop and I like to peek into others' homes, so there's that!  

Now that we're in our new house, I wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas decor, mainly because it's how I remember where things go from year to year!  Enjoy!

I made this wreath last year from a Styrofoam ring and a $3 clearance rack scarf.

This shutter card display idea came from Pinterest a number of years ago.  I'm almost over it because it's hard to really look at each card and it never lays right against our wall.  Can you spot your card??

Here we have each of our old Santa photos on display.  I'm not sure what we're going to do when we have eight years worth of photos!

We had to rearrange our living room quite significantly to make room for our Christmas tree.  But we actually like this set up (with the sofa table behind the couch) a lot better and plan to leave it like this even after Christmas.

The boys made this for us in daycare last year.  We had an easel perfect for displaying it.

 We don't have a real Christmas tree, but I burn a Christmas-tree scented candle nearly every second that I'm home.  We've burned through two candles in just over three weeks time!

This plate was made by Brantley at daycare in either 2012 or 2013.  These handmade touches are my favorite part of our decor.

I ordered our stockings on Zulily a few years ago.  I love the knitted/sock look, but I eventually (after we're done having kids) want new stockings with our names on them.

Our main Christmas tree has always been red, green, and gold, but this year I decided I was over the red and green and I just wanted the gold.  Pretty sure Craig wanted to kill me because now we're not using all of other stuff we paid for, but I promise I'll eventually change my mind again!

I really enjoy picking out coordinating wrapping paper.  I couldn't pass up the buffalo paid and matching reindeer tags this year!

Each boy has a footprint pillow from their very first Christmas.  Brantley's is on the left (reindeer) and Holden's on the right (Christmas tree). 

The boys get so excited to change the number on this Christmas countdown every day!  Holden obviously doesn't know his numbers yet, but he runs to it whenever we mention changing it.  (We've moved things around a bit since this photo, but I can't get past the twinkly lights in the background.)

Our second tree is our college sports tree.  It includes all things Hawkeye and Jayhawk and sits right inside our front door.  (This was our first tree purchased as a couple.)    

This year, I decided we needed yet another tree!  You see, we have all of these sentimental ornaments (most from my childhood and made by my great grandmother), but I'm kind of strict about putting them--rather, not putting them--on our main "pretty" tree because they don't match.  So I set out to Walmart in hopes of a smaller and inexpensive third tree.  $20 and two strands of lights later, here it is!  And it fits perfectly at the top of the stairs outside of the boys' rooms. 

Also displayed are our four handmade stockings.

Have I mentioned that I love our house at Christmastime?  Yet I'm always so ready to go back to normal once December 26 rolls around.


  1. Looks so beautiful!! We have silver and red ornaments, and I really want to go all gold. That'll be a fun conversation next year, ha! ;) Love those tags on the gifts!

  2. Your house looks so gorgeous decorated for Christmas!!! I love that you have that special tree decorated with the Hawkeye and Jayhawk stuff. Seth would probably love one of those with Steelers and Angels things! Maybe one year when we have a real house and have more room I can get that for him. LOVE your decorations, especially the hurricane glasses filled with ornaments and pinecones!

  3. Your house looks gorgeous! I love all of the personal touches! I feel the same way about the "pretty tree". We have a color coordinated tree that is our main tree in our family room and I love it. We talked about getting a second tree for our dining room that could be "Natalie's tree" that could have all the mismatched ornaments on it. Glad to know I am not alone in this!

  4. So pretty!! Those stockings are so fun, and the footprint pillows are TOO cute!! :)

  5. I can't get over all the perfection! Beautiful house and beautiful decorations!


  6. SO pretty! I love you new home! Merry Christmas!

  7. Beautiful decorations...except for those Hawkeye lights. Tee hee! ON WISCONSIN! :)

  8. What a gorgeous home you have! I have a bunch of easels too, they come in handy ALL the time. All the handprint crafts just have my heart.

  9. Gorgeous!! I adore the handmade decorations. You made a fabulous wreath out of those items!!
    I'm dying for multiple trees. I love how each of your trees has its own personality!

  10. Gorgeous!! I can't wait to have a home to decorate for the holidays! Love it. :)

  11. I thought I saw a tree at the top of your stairs when I drove by the other day (creepy neighbor alert!!! ha!) It looks great! I also LOVE the pillows you did for each of the boys' first Christmases--how special! Oh and can you come and wrap all of my presents?! I haven't even done one...yikes!