Fall Fave

One of our favorite things about fall!  Once we tried to make our own....and now we stick to buying them. :)


Have you heard of it?  It's my newest addiction.  No worries, I'm still addicted to Words with Friends, but I could spend hours browsing Pinterest! 

What is it, you ask?  An inspiration website for pretty much anything you want...decor, trends, food, DIY projects, etc.  You create "boards" (categories) and are able to save any picture you find on the Internet to that board.  The picture will automatically link to the original website.  In addition, you can browse other people's "pins" (the part I could spend hours doing) and "repin" ideas they have previously pinned.  It's also a great way to stay organized!  And we all know I love to be organized. :)  Seriously, it's awesome.  It would have been AMAZING while I was planning my wedding.

Examples of my boards: Photography (future family/kiddo poses), Baby Shower Ideas, Sweets & Treats, Books I'd Like to Read, Fashion, Future Ideas (great ideas for kids someday), Home is Where the Heart Is (decor ideas), and Scrapbook Inspiration.

I'd seriously recommend it!  Happy pinning!

Goin' on Two Weeks Strong

I wish I could say that about working out, but no.  Instead I'm talking about our new Sunday tradition: a family walk to Starbucks. :)

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last weekend, when we were in Iowa, my mom made me go through some boxes in our basement.  Here is some of what I found...

My old lockbox!  Made personally by my dad when I was in first grade!  (I know that because I also came across a 1st grade journal and that's what I wrote about...haha!)  Not only is it my old lockbox, but it's FULL of notes from friends in middle school and love letters from my first high school boyfriend. :)  And I still remember the combination: 34-36-22.

Photo collage from high school graduation party!

My very first piggy bank!  This is from my grandparents, perhaps the year I was born?  I thought I could paint it, fix it up, and put it in my future baby's bedroom.

Old pottery from art class in elementary and middle school!  I still remember making the dumb dog!

Stories written (and illustrated) by yours truly!  These are just 9 of MANY!  I used to love to write....what happened? 

Old artwork.  I wasn't a horrible artist back in the day!  This was middle school, I believe.

This is good!  Perspective drawing of my middle school.  Funny thing is, my sis took us there to check out her classroom and this hallway looks the exact same!

Monkey pic.  Is that his tail or what????

 This may have been elementary school...I'm not exactly sure though.

I threw away one box, but just couldn't part with it all!  So, now it resides in a box in our basement in Olathe, rather than my parent's basement in Fairfield!  It'll probably be 20 more years before I go through it again. :)

Day at the Dogpark

Monday's weather was absolutley gorgeous! Sunny, 70's, and amazing!  Perfect day for the dog park.  Since I love my Hipstamatic app so much, I of course had to snap a few lot of cute pics of our doggy. :)

Rain or Shine

Saturday's home opener wasn't quite what I had pictured.  Afterall, the previous ten home openers were hot, humid, and sunny, so the rain storm was a pretty drastic change.  The morning started off pretty well.  We set up tailgate, cooked up some breakfast burritos, and met up with friends Anna and Nate.  Despite the cloudy skies, the weather was very comfortable and perfect for a fall football kickoff.  On our walk to Kinnick stadium, however, the rain started.  No big deal, we had ponchos!

Or maybe not.  By the time we reached the gates, we were slightly miserable (but nothing compared to what was to come).  To make matters worse, the stupid security guard took my umbrella as she searched my purse.  Apparently they're not allowed inside the stadium...who knew?!

The rain continued to fall through the 1st quarter, but it was somewhat bearable.  It even stopped for awhile and allowed the 70,000+ fans to shed their ponchos! 

Enter 3rd quarter.

There was one drop, then two, then the hustle and bustle of fans digging out their ponchos, and then....DOWNPOUR.  Correction: monsoon!  It was coming down so hard that the stairs were like waterfalls!  We stuck it out for awhile, but there's only so much a poncho can do.  My shorts (white shorts-poor choice on my part) felt like they just came from the washing machine.  Iowa was up 34-0, so we decided to call it good and head out.  A few minutes later, the game was delayed due to lightning (a first in Iowa football history) and the stadium was even evacuated due to the storm warning!  Pure craziness!  We walked 20 minutes to our car and drove for over an hour back to my parents house, only to walk in as the game was being resumed.  Turns out, it had been delayed for nearly an hour and a half!

Iowa went on to win 34-7.  It wasn't the prettiest of games - lots of fumbles - but what do you expect when it's that wet?

Here are a few pics I snapped on my iPhone.  Not the best quality, but I wasn't about to dig out my nice camera.

Hawkeyes out in full force

Legendary Kinnick Stadium

Here come the hawkeyes!!!!!

This guy is there every year!  Mr. Raccoon Head!

The was probably in the 1st quarter...we still seem to be doing pretty well!

Getting close to a touchdown!

What's he doing now??

The bald guy is Tim Dwight

Heading out

Parking lot outside Kinnick, just a tad windy!

Here Come the...


I cannot wait to hear those words in about....ummm....39 hours!  I'm always sad to see summer go, but this is the next best thing!  College football season!

We're headed to Iowa tomorrow evening (to my parent's), and then to Iowa City bright and early Saturday morning! :)  I've got bloody marys, bean bags toss, and hawkeye football on my mind!  I can't wait to walk down Melrose, see the sea of black and gold, and return to good 'ole Hawkeye country!!  Ahhhh....
Pic from last year's home opener

My fellow Hawk fans :)

I even got creative and made some cake pops-hawkeye style.  Why not, right!?  These are for you, mom!  You wanted to try them!

On Iowa and go Hawks!