Christmas Crafting with Toddlers

Yesterday, I shared the one and only Christmas craft I semi-invited for our art gallery wall.  Here is the rest of what we crafted.  I'm so thankful for people who are more creative than I!  I have posted links to each of the original posts that inspired us below!

Footprint Penguin

Paper Plate Elf

Fingerprint Jesus in a Manger

Fingerprint Strand of Christmas Lights

Fingerprint Christmas Tree

Potato-Stamped Ornaments
(Tip: Either get potatoes that are rounder...or rotate them 90 degrees so they don't look like Easter eggs!)

Hand and Footprint Santa's Sleigh

Mug of Hot Cocoa

Toilet Paper Roll Stamped Wreath


  1. These look fantastic! Jack's Christmas art did not look this cute. I think once next year comes around (he'll be 4) his art work might resemble art a little more.

  2. We made the finger print lights for Kinsey's first Christmas in 2011 and its still one of my favorite seasonal crafts!

  3. They look so good!!! Love the update to your gallery wall! I'm going to have to try some of these with Mason for sure!