Five on Friday (...Dreaming of Summer)

Happy Friday, friends!  First things first, say a few prayers for my husband today as he undergoes ACL surgery.  Even though he insisted I go to work, I took the day off to be with him before, during, and after his surgery because, well, isn't that what a good wife is supposed to do??

And while we're talking prayer requests...please also say a few for my grandpa.  He's been in the hospital with heart issues since last Saturday.  He's no stranger to heart attacks and he's undergone heart surgery a couple of times prior, but the medication he's on isn't working exactly as his doctors had hoped, so that's always a bit of a concern.  Thanks, friends!

Onto some Friday fun!

| one |

Our daycare provider is simply the best!  She takes the kids on quite a few "field trips" and plans such fun activities for them.  Just a few days ago, they released five butterflies after watching them morph from itty bitty caterpillars to chrysalises to full blown butterflies.  Anyway, I decided that would be a fun summer activity for our house, so I just ordered a butterfly garden myself!  You can order the garden alone (with a voucher for the caterpillars once you're ready) or you can order a garden that includes 10 caterpillars (here).  I ordered the first option since we won't be ready for our caterpillars until I'm officially done with work for the summer.  In 15 more school days.  Not that I'm counting or anything.

| two |

The circus.  It's in Kansas City for two more days.  We had such a great time on Wednesday night and even Craig and I were super impressed with most of the acts.  Get your tickets here!

| three |

It's hard to believe, but our neighborhood pool opens in just four short weeks and I'm already dreaming of all things summer.  Including this swimsuit cover up.  I mean, I don't need a new cover up, but for $14, this one is hard to pass up!

| four |

Speaking of summer, have you seen all of the adorable seasonal servewear at Target?  I may or may not have purchased these adorable, plastic ice cream dishes (each with a different color spoon) for the sole purpose of a fun summer-themed photo shoot.

| five |

And finally, remember those Old Navy steals I posted about on Monday?  Well, I ordered the v-neck romper and it arrived on Wednesday!!  I'm in love and just itching for summer to arrive so I can wear it 24/7!

Happy Friday and have a happy May Day!

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Stitch Fix #11

I took a bit of a Stitch Fix break after the disappointment of a fix I received in January.  However, I had a few credits burning a hole in my account, so in March, I decided to request yet another fix, in hopes of some fresh, new, bright pieces for spring.

For this fix, I asked for a new pair of jeans.  Apparently, I've lost some weight this year and I feel like I'm constantly hiking up the other pairs I have.  A good problem to have, I guess!?  I also requested a pair of white skinny pants - not necessarily jeans, but something on the fitted side.  Beyond that, I asked them to surprise me with a few springy tops.

Item #1 | Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean ($88)
The requested pair of jeans.  Nothing too exciting or fancy here.  But they do fit a whole lot better in the waste.  Which means they cling to my hips a lot more.  (#bighipproblems)  However, because they are stretchy, they work.  These jeans are a little darker than I had hoped for, but a pair of jeans that fit nonetheless, so they were a keeper.

Verdict: Kept!

Item #2 | Kut from the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean ($78)
I requested a pair of white, skinny pants......and this is what I got.  White boyfriend jeans.  Skinny pants definitely do not equal boyfriend jeans in my book.  This is the third pair of boyfriend jeans I've received from SF and I've decided that I absolutely hate them on my body.  Please, please, please stop sending me boyfriend jeans!!!  They just don't work with me, end of story.

Verdict: Obvious return

Item #3 | Papermoon Bart Scoop Neck Blouse ($48)
This was a really pretty color and the photo actually does it some justice, but I wasn't feeling this top.  It was too short and too wide.  It was also shear, which I didn't love because it required a shirt underneath.  Just not my cup of tea.

Verdict: Returned

Item #4 | Papermoon Lonni Crochet Back Knit Tank ($38)
This top was more my style with the lace at the bottom and the more flowy fit to it.  However, I was hoping for tops with sleeves.....and I already have a similar-style navy blue tank top....and navy wasn't exactly the bright springy-ness I was hoping for.....and it was just a little too basic to justify SF prices anyway.  I did dislike it, but I didn't like it enough to keep.  Side note: I think the back had some lace, too.  I honestly can't remember because it's been about a month!

Verdict: Returned

Item #5 | Papermoon Paulette Lace Detail Blouse ($48)
My fifth item was this (another) sleeveless top.  However, this one was a lot more Stitch Fix worthy, in my opinion.  I love the floral pattern, love the lace at the top, and love that it is longer than most tops.  When I receive something like this that I'm less likely to find at Target, I can justify the SF prices a whole lot more.

Verdict: Kept

That's it for my eleventh fix.  I think I may call it quits with SF for awhile.  I do enjoy the surprises and I especially enjoy the clothes arriving on my front door, but  I haven't been overly pleased with my last few fixes as a whole.  And besides, my summer is only three and a half short weeks away, which means shorts, tees, and baseball caps for this girl.

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#UniverSoulCircus is Coming!

One thing that's been on my family bucket list for a year or so is to attend the circus.  I remember going to the circus as a kid and I was always in awe over the trapeze flyers, tight rope walkers, and elephants that could stand on a stool (or is that just in my imagination??).  Anyway, when I was contacted a few weeks ago about receiving tickets in exchange for a little social media promotion, I couldn't say yes quick enough!

UniverSoul Circus (aka the #BestCircusEver) is visiting Kansas City's Swope Park starting tonight and lasting through Sunday!  We are headed to Wednesday night's show, but if you can't join us tomorrow, there are 12 additional shows, so certainly something suits your fancy!  Click here for information regrading Kansas City's show and click here to purchase your tickets!

We've already prepped the boys with YouTube videos and to say they are excited would be an understatement!  It may be a late week night, but those are the moments that make this parenting thing all worth it, am I right?!  (Apologies to our daycare provider for two likely cranky kids on Thursday.)  

If you're not in Kansas City, but interested in attending UnverSoul's Circus in a different city, they are visiting Baltimore, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Newark, and Queens in the coming months.  Click here for more info!

I'll be back afterwards with a recap of our experience.  Until then, hope to see all you {Kansas City folk} under the big top!!

Old Navy Steals

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I'm a sucker for Old Navy.  I just don't believe in paying an arm and a leg for clothes I'll probably be sick of in two years or less, especially things that are super trendy.  I was browsing Old Navy's website the other day and had so many things added to my cart.  I chickened out before I could hit submit (my husband gets text notifications anytime our credit card is charged), but I thought I'd share some of my current favorites--things that are total steals at Old Navy right now!  Don't believe me?  See below.  Splurges on the left, Old Navy steals on the right.  Now if only I could figure out how to buy everything without my husband knowing. ;)

 Splurge ($72) // Old Navy Steal ($29)

Splurge ($135) // Old Navy Steal ($9)

Splurge ($195) // Old Navy Steal ($26)

Splurge ($72) // Old Navy Steal ($19)

Splurge ($275) // Old Navy Steal ($29)

Splurge ($128) // Old Navy Steal ($34)

Splurge ($185) // Old Navy Steal ($32)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

My list is pretty insignificant this year.  You know, a Roomba, a comforter, and a new car.  All very reasonable Mother's Day gifts.  Seriously though, I need a new vehicle.  I drive a Mazda 6 that is ten years old.  It's not a horrible car, it's not in the best shape either.  I hit a dog a year ago (I know...) and the headliner has been thumb tacked after Brantley decided to pull on it last summer.  Not to mention, it's getting harder and harder to load two kids into a car after adjusting nicely to our SUV.  Although it feels like I just purchased this car yesterday, it was actually circa 2008 - pre-Craig and pre-kids - my first big purchase post college.  And crazily, I've been driving the ole Mazda for longer than what I drove my previous car (a purple Sunfire) - the car I drove all throughout high school and college!  Like I said, it's time for an upgrade.  I definitely don't expect one for Mother's Day, but I've been pestering Craig about needed a new vehicle and I know a replacement probably isn't too far into our future.  

Anyway, onto some more realistic ideas.  Theoretically speaking, use this as a "gift guide" for any modern day mama...however, I know someone who would be more than thrilled to receive any of the following items.  Also, Mother's Day is two weekends away, you know. ;)

iRobot Roomba - Leftover from my Christmas list, this thing will be on any and all wishlists from now until the moment I get one.  Two kids + a dog + hardwood floors = a serious need for one of these robots.

Patagonia Atom Sling - Aka a fanny pack.  It's true, I want a fanny pack.  I've wanted one for years.  I used to have a North Face Roo on my wishlist and when I finally decided to buy one, it had been discontinued.  Recently though, I've learned that Patagonia makes a similar style.  So of course, this tops my list.  I can already foresee summer adventures with the boys and this thing strapped to my fanny back.

7-Piece Comforter Set - Like everything else in our house that was purchased 5+ years ago, our current comforter (actually duvet cover) is red.  I'm. so. over. red.  I'm ready for a comforter/duvet cover that is light and bright.  I love this plain white option with the detail in the ruching.  If I don't get this for Mother's Day, I may go ahead and purchase it with our Amazon points.......
(Can I also mention that I'd love this headboard?!?!)

Flat Iron - This is the flat iron my hair dresser uses to add wavy curls to my hair.  I've tried to add similar curls with my $20 Target flat iron, but $20 just didn't do the trick.  I need a straighener that heats higher and has rounded edges.  I've never purchased a professional-grade flat iron, which is why it's so hard to pull the trigger and spend $100+.

Lightweight Tripod - There have been multiple occasions when I have wished for a tripod for my DSLR.  I have a smaller tripod but my DSLR is just too heavy for it.  This one has mixed reviews on Amazon, but it averages 4.5 stars in over 3000 reviews.  And since it's less than $25, it's worth a shot for as little as I'd use it!
(Side note: I should probably just purchase this myself.  Craig will never buy it for me, as he despises anything having to do with photo shoots.)

Wireless Remote for Canon DSLR - And if I get the tripod, I might as well get a remote control to aide in snapping photos!

What's on your Mother's Day wishlist this year?

Holden Turns 2

Holden officially turned two on Monday, but we celebrated over the weekend since my parents were in town.  I mentioned before that I decided against throwing him a birthday party this year and although I missed planning all of the little details that come with a party, it was nice to actually enjoy nothing but my birthday boy.

I still keep in touch our wedding cake baker and I decided last minute to see if she could bake a birthday cake.  I'm not even a cake person, but her cakes are the best so I will happily pay her to make a cake whenever she is willing!  Like Brantley, Holden adores sports, balls, and everything related, but he's also developed a love of Lightning McQueen (mainly from a pair of hand-me-down Lightning pajamas) so I decided on a Cars-themed cake.  It turned out adorable and I'm still enjoying the leftovers. ;)

 We didn't go overboard with gifts.  We got him some of those Melissa & Doug puzzles, a CamelBak, the alarm clock, and the PBK adirondack chair.  I'm kicking myself for ordering a yellow chair, as it's a little too John Deere / 7up / Green Bay Packers next to Brantley's green one.  And since the box is long gone, there is no exchanging it for another color. :(

After dinner, we lit two candles on Holden's cake, and to my surprise, he knew exactly what to do.  He blew them out in one puff and he didn't even stick his hand in the flame like he did last year. #success

We didn't do much celebrating on Holden's actual birthday since it was a weekday and all.  However, perhaps the most exciting thing that happened was Holden's attempt to use the potty!  It was completely out of the blue, after Craig made some comment about him "learning to use the potty first."  Well, he marched right into the bathroom and made reference of wanting to sit on it!  I wish I had a picture because he seemed so proud, despite not actually going to the bathroom.

It was a really low key, but lovely birthday weekend for the little dude.  

Happy second birthday to my second born - a mostly sweet, sometimes feisty, always opinionated, smart, blue-eyed mana's boy!

Holden's Birthday Wishlist

Holden's second birthday is on Monday, and though I can hardly believe it, I'm super excited for the adorable age that is two!  I mentioned that we are not throwing him a party this year, but of course we can still celebrate with presents and cake!  Here are a few things that top his birthday wish list this year....or rather that top my list of things for him. ;)

Brantley has an Iowa Hawkeye version of this, so it only seems fitting to balance out our household with a KU uniform.  It is probably too big for Holden at this point, but I know he'd love wearing the helmet!

This is leftover from his Christmas list, and at 2, he might not completely get the idea, but it's never too early to try and get a few extra minutes of sleep out of the kids!

These things just look cool and right up Holden's alley!

Holden loves drinking out of Brantley's "big kid" water bottle, so I know he'd love one of his own!

Again, these things just look fun with the "fishing pole" and "bug catching net".  And one can never go wrong with Melissa & Doug!

Anyone else have something similar to this as a child?!  I know I did!  And because there are a million pieces that can and will be scattered across our floors, I know Holden would love it. ;)

One can never have too much Royal's gear!  I've always wanted jerseys for the boys, but I'm usually too cheap to buy them!  Seriously, $35+ for something they will outgrow in a year...and that price is without a player's name so it's on the cheap end!  However, if someone gifted one to us, I'd gladly accept!

And finally, an Adirondack chair for our patio.  Brantley got one for his first birthday (thanks Reece's!) and we've long been talking about buying one for Holden.  I bought the yellow, but I sort of wish I would have gone with navy blue.  (P.S. Hubby is wanting to buy two larger ones for us.  Either two adult white chairs, or two different colors...what do you think??)

Confessions - Round 3

It's been awhile (had to let them rack up in my phone), but I'm back with a few more confessions today!

I confess that...I only floss my teeth for about a week or two before my visit to the dentist (which is today).  And then I give up for another six months.  I'm sure they can tell, but whatever.

I confess that...I really hate going to the dentist.  It all stems for the time I had, like, 8 cavities after Brantley was born.  Ever since then, I've been terrified of going.

I confess that...we still use our video monitor for both boys on a nightly basis.  But not for the video aspect...but because I enjoy the sound of their sound machine ocean waves coming through.

I confess that...Snapchat can really annoy me!!  I mean, I go on about once a week and I swear, some people snap their entire days!!  I just want to say, "Put down your phone for once!"

I confess that...Holden's birthday is later this month and we're not throwing him a birthday party.  We have no family in town and I hate making family feel like they have to come to KC for a party.  And if there's no family to attend, I just don't see the point?  It sort of kills me to not plan a party (I love party planning!), but I know there will be years and years to do that once he's a little older!  Tell me I'm not a horrible mom...

I confess that...I don't understand why some bloggers host a giveaway and then expect the winner to check back to see if he/she won.  I mean, Rafflecopter asks for participants' email addresses, so why not just email the winner?  It seems a little unfair to me.  Like some of us have lives and don't always read a blog post with 24 hours of it going live...

I confess that...for the longest time, we were the corner house next to an empty lot.  Well, now a house is being built on that lot, and for a few weeks, I almost drove to that house because I was so used to ours being the last one.

I confess that...I've never mowed the yard.  Not once in my 33 years.  But that's all about to change later this month when Craig has ACL surgery.  Noooooooo!!!!!! :(

I confess that...I am SO tired of some of the kids at school and SO ready for summer!!  6 weeks to go...

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Foodie for a Year | April

You guys.  This post almost didn't happen.  Even though I've had brunch ideas in my mind for nearly two months, I almost dropped the ball on this link up.  Yes, this link-up that I'm hosting!!  You see, breakfasts are hard to blog about.  Because my kids always want fed the instant they wake up, breakfast photo ops are not ideal.  It's dark and the photos just aren't pretty.  On top of that, last weekend was Easter and we were out of town = no breakfast prep.  That left this weekend to make and photograph something.  Perfect because Craig's family was in town.  I could kill two birds with one stone - make something to feed the fam, which would double as something to blog about.  Except that Saturday morning, I had a previous commitment and needed to leave the house too early to also make breakfast.  No biggie, I would make breakfast on Sunday.  However, the recipe I choose required prepping the night before and I also had a commitment on Saturday night.  When I finally started making the breakfast rolls at 10:45pm on Saturday night, I realized I was completed out of butter and the recipe called for an entire stick.  The closest grocery store is ten minutes away and I was not about to make that trip at 11pm.  I frantically texted a few neighbors (four to be exact) and thankfully, Mr. Sunflower State of Mind, came to my rescue!  So to Vanessa's house I headed, barefoot and laughing, at 11pm to borrow a stick of butter.  I mean, everyone always hopes for those neighbors you can borrow butter from, right?!  Especially at 11pm.  If that doesn't win the award for the best neighbor ever, I'm not sure what does.  Vanessa, thanks for having sticks of butter on hand and consider it your payback from that egg you once borrowed. ;)

Anyway, this recipe is one my mom always made growing up.  It's quick, it's easy, and it's super delicious.  (In case you hadn't noticed, that is a common theme among most of my recipes!)

Gooey Caramel Breakfast Rolls

What You Need:
24 frozen dinner rolls (Rhodes brand is what I always use)
1 package 'Cook & Serve' butterscotch pudding (NOT instant)
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup of brown sugar

What You Do:
1. Place 24 frozen dinner rolls in greased 9x13 pan.
2. Sprinkle with package of butterscotch pudding.
3. Bring butter and brown sugar to a boil; then drizzle over frozen rolls.
4. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise overnight.
5. In the morning, bake at 350 for 20 to 25 minutes.  (I tend to bake closer to 25 minutes because I don't like things still doughy.)
6. Immediately upon removing from oven, flip over onto cookie sheet and serve.  Enjoy!

Don't forget to link up your recipe below and hashtag your photo #foodieforayear.  Can't wait to read (and try) all of your brunch-related recipes! 

Hooray It's Opening Day {Link Up}

I love me some Christmas and the last day of school and my kids' birthdays...but today yesterday ranked right up near the top, too.  MLB Opening Day.  Or unofficially in my mind, the start of "summer".  There's just something about baseball.  The sounds.  The smells.  The warm summer nights.  I just really love it all.  And this year, there's even more to love after the Royals took the crown and won the World Series just five months ago.  Except for the higher ticket prices...that I don't love!

Anyway, today I am happy to be co-hosting an Opening Day link-up with some of my best blogger friends!  As I mentioned before, the boys actually cooperated for a photo.  For two photos.  For three photos.  I couldn't even believe it.  Life is getting easier, my friends!  Well, maybe not life, but photos. ;)

Also, for the first time ever, we signed up Brantley to be a member of Sluggerrr's Blue Crew.  $25 for a zippered pullover, a flat bill cap, a sports necklace, a lanyard, two game vouchers, and the chance to run the bases after games.  Not a bad deal!  Brantley was so excited...and so proud...when his Royal blue goodies arrived in the mail.  And I can't get over how cute (and old) he looks in his apparel!

And just for fun, I thought it'd be fun to take a trip through memory lane.  The quality of the photos isn't great because I took them from Facebook, but you get the idea. ;)

2008 - Our first game


No pictures from 2010.  Apparently it was a busy summer with a wedding and all.


No pictures from 2012.  That was the year we had our first baby.  However, fun fact: we did watch the All Star game, which was played in Kansas City that year, from our hospital room!

2013...Brantley's first game

2014...pregnant/pre-Holden; his first game


I now insist on a family photo in this location each year.  It annoys Craig to no end, but I love looking at how things change through the years!

Don't forget to link up with us and share a photo in support of your favorite team!  I can't wait to see who you're all cheering for this season.....brownie points if it's the Royals!  Also, tag your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #hoorayitsopeningday.

And finally (even though they played on Opening Night last night) - GO ROYALS!