$11 Teacher Gift

Looking for an easy and inexpensive teacher gift?  Here's what we're giving each of Brantley's two preschool teachers.

Preschool Teacher Gift
Gray knit infinity scarf ($3 in Target's Dollar Spot)
Coffee mug with matching gray knit sleeve ($3 in Target's Dollar Spot)
Starbucks giftcard ($5)

In case you weren't doing the math, that's $11 total per teacher!  For a super cute gift, in my opinion!  One that, as a teacher, I would love to receive! 

I am thankful for each of his teachers and grateful for what they two two times per week, but I definitely don't believe in spending oodles and oodles of money on gifts for them.

So if you're looking for a last-minute gift idea, perhaps you want to head to your nearest Target and look for these $3 deals!


  1. It's like you knew!!! I was JUST talking about what to get Mason's teachers (though there are 5 of them!) last night. I saw that mug with a scarf on it yesterday actually when I was at Target so I may have to go back. BUT how did you find that CUTE scarf for $3??? My dollar spot is not nearly as good as yours!

  2. I've seen those adorable scarves in our One Spot, but I haven't seen those mugs. They are adorable! Marcus has 5 preschool teachers, but each received a S'bucks card and some sweet little frosted sugar cookies. I'm hanging on to the scarf and mug idea when he's in grade school!!

  3. Love love love this idea!!! I need to stop by Target tonight and pick these up!

  4. As a preschool teacher the best gifts are gift cards lol. This is the perfect gift.

  5. LOVE! His teachers will love it all! Next year you can knit them the scarf yourself!! ;)

  6. Those are great gifts! & just $11?! Daaaaaamn! I'll take one too, please! :)