Weekend Trip to Hermann

My summer fun continues!  With the exception of our anniversary (which was still a fantastic weekend), I've been out of town each weekend in July: Hawaii, South Carolina, and now Hermann, MO!  Since, essentially, I don't do anything during the week, I'm completely okay with leaving town every seven days.  If school were in session, it'd be another story.

Anyway, Erica's 30th birthday was yesterday, so she gathered a group of girls and we headed to Missouri's very own wine country.  We had a bit of a delayed start on Saturday, but finally drove out of the KC area two hours later than planned.  Gotta love the birthday girl who's late for her own party!  Love ya Erica! =)

We pulled in to Hermann around 1:00, checked in to our Bed & Breakfast, and decided to grab lunch at a deli down the street.  Afterward, we caught the trolley and headed to our first winery.  It was okay--the wine was average and building was NOT air-conditioned.  We were beyond ready to leave an hour later!

The second winery, Stone Hill Winery, was our favorite, by far!!!  Perhaps because it was fully air conditioned??  (Did I mention, it was 100 degrees plus outside with the heat index!!)  It was also the nicest winery, our old-man bartender was a lot of fun, and there was a one-man band!

The following winery (also a bar) had a lot of potential.  Great view, nice facility, and a band.  However, it was entirely outdoors.  And HOT.  We dealt with it for awhile, but truth was, the heat was draining.  We were sweating through our dresses, and all we wanted was some AC and a shower.

We headed back to our B&B around 8:00(??) after a good 6(??) hours of drinking.  We grabbed dinner next door at the Concert Hall and were all showered and in bed by 11!  Such lively night lives we live, huh?  You know you're getting old when...

On Sunday, we celebrated Erica's birthday with a phenomenal breakfast prepared by the Inn keeper and her husband and then headed back to KC.  It was such a fun time and I hope to make my way back to cute, little Hermann, MO sometime in the future.

Made a bathroom stop and decided to pick up some margarita pops! Apparently it's legal, as a passenger, to drink in the car in MO!

Allison and the birthday girl waiting for lunch

Some of the others

We're so colorful it's hard to see our cake pops, but they're there!!

On the trolley. Heading to the first winery!

Trolley driver.  He was quite interesting!

First wine tasting of the day.

First winery.

Headed to winery #2!

"Do something crazy." As you can tell, I'm very creative...

This guy was crazy. And drunk. And annoying. Here he is singing "Happy Birthday" to Erica.

Me and the birthday girl. Why yes, that is my bra! (It makes frequent appearances in these pics....oops!)

The dental hygienists of the group!

Missouri wine country

Very pretty!

Winery #2

Cute little area inside the winery

Wine tasting #2.  We tried A LOT!

The group

As a whole, the group's favorite

Cheers to being 30 Erica!

Our bartender...is that what they're called? Such a nice guy!!  He was a talker, that's for sure!

Giving Erica a birthday kiss

The one-man band

The guy was so proud to have his pic taken with a bunch of 20-some and 30-some year olds!

A picture with our bartender

We had a great deal of fun with this cardboard cut out! I'll keep it PG though and not post the inappropriate ones. =)  First up, Jamie and Katie.

Erica and I

Alissa and Erica

Allison and Alissa

Deer and goat on the wall

Feeling the effects of alcohol by this point...

Singing along...either Katy Perry, Kesha, or Madonna. The trolley driver had them on repeat!

Math teachers of the group

Driving into the middle of nowhere

Yet again...

Beautiful view of the Missouri river

Jamie and Katie

Last winery/bar

Dancing near the band

Dancing on the table??

They were trying to cool off!

Trolley ride back to our B&B