Wedding Recap Five Years Later: Our Honeymoon

And just like that, 10 days have come and gone so quickly.  Today is my final recap and I'm sharing photos and stories from our fabulous honeymoon.

For our honeymoon, we headed to Sandals Negril in Jamaica.  We flew out early in the morning on the Monday following our wedding.  It gave us just enough time to open our wedding gifts and find homes for everything before we left.  But definitely not enough time to pack.  If I remember correctly, I got about three hours of sleep the night before we left due to some super last-minute packing!  But it really didn't matter--because I was headed somewhere with sun, sand, and lots of fruity drinks!

We flew out of Kansas City and had a layover in {I think} Houston.  For some reason, we got there a little late {or maybe we had to sit on the tarmac a while...} and Craig and I had to sprint through the airport to catch our next flight to Jamaica.  And if you know me, you know that I am not a runner.  So imagine me running through the airport at top speed--trying to keep up with my runner of a hubby--with a carry-on suitcase in tow!!  I'm sure I was a sight to see!  But it really didn't matter--because I was headed somewhere with sun, sand, and lots of fruity drinks!

We {barely} made our flight, but lo and behold, we flew into Montego Bay in Jamaica a couple of hours later.  We then had to take a bus to the Sandals resort about an hour away and let me tell you, that was one interesting scary bus ride!  We finally arrived safely to our resort and enjoyed the next six nights in paradise!

Highlights of our honeymoon include a zipline tour, multiple snorkel trips, a couples' massage, a private candlelight dinner in a gazebo on the beach (very Bachelor-esque), a beach-front room, and of course the swim-up bar!  However, like with most things in life, the food was my favorite was amazing!!  We were amongst multiple other honeymooners--many of which shared our same wedding day.  We even connected with one couple and still keep up with them on Facebook today!

I have close to 350 photos from our honeymoon, so I really did pick and choose my favorites below! 

And then, of course, there's the food.  I don't remember any details except that it was some of the best food I've ever had!  And the best part--because we were at an all-inclusive resort, we didn't have to worry about the prices!  Is your mouth watering because mine sure is!!

We returned home--probably ten pounds heavier--after seven amazing days and the rest is history.  Except for this.  Oh, that was a funny story!

That's it for my wedding recaps five years later.  I've enjoyed reminiscing and I hope you've enjoyed it, too!  In case you missed any of my recaps, they're all linked below!


  1. So much fun!!!! Can you believe now you are two kids later?!!! Such a sweet couple. :)

  2. Your whole honeymoon looks so fun!!! And those lounge chairs in the water... yes please!