Wedding Recap Five Years Later: The Details

First things first - today is the big day!  July 10, 2015 - 1826 days (or five years) later!  These five years have passed so incredibly quickly and they truly have been the best five years of my life!  So much has changed--two beautiful babies, a new house, a new job (for Craig)--yet so much remains the same and that is our love, admiration, and friendship for each other.  Marriage can be stressful when adding babies to the mix, but I feel as if we've done a pretty great job of remaining true to ourselves and maneuvering together through this crazy thing called life.  Thank you for an amazing five years and here's to about 55 more!  Love you and I look forward to our weekend of child-free celebrating! 

Now for the recap.  Today is day 6 (which means we're over half way) and I'm recapping my favorite thing about any party--the details!  I mentioned before that almost every single detail was DIY.  This is what I spent 11 long months planning!  I made the invites, the programs, and the seating cards, put together the centerpieces and table decor, assembled the favor boxes, dyed the ladies' shoes, and planned the entire candy buffet.  Candy buffets were all the rage in 2010.  I wish I had more pictures of it (all of the candy followed our color scheme), but the candy disappeared far too quickly!  Our colors were chocolate brown and fuchsia.

Four days to go...

Thursday | The Ceremony
Friday | The Details
Saturday | Our First Dance + Other Reception Fun
Sunday | Our Wedding Video
Monday | 5 Reasons Our Wedding was the Bomb
Tuesday | Our Honeymoon

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