Blogger Birthday Gift Exchange

In May, I received an email from one of my favorite blogger friends, Elizabeth, asking if I wanted to participate in a gift exchange for toddlers with summer birthdays.  First of all, there are a ton of other mom-bloggers I follow who birthed kids between May and August of 2012.  I feel lucky to have a kid born smack dab in the middle of that time frame and it's fun "watching" our babies grow together!  Secondly, I was extremely honored to be asked to be a part of this exchange.  Some of the other participants are basically famous in the world of blogging (like, I would likely be starstruck if I met them), so it was fun to be a part of this group of bloggers who I have followed for some time!  Of course, I couldn't turn down the offer!

Secret Santa-style partners were matched through Elfster.  We drew {blogger} Traci and {her daughter} Charli of The HALLway.  Like many of these kiddos, Charli will turn 3 later this month!  I had so. much. fun. picking out all things GIRLIE for Charli!  It was basically my dream come true to shop for the little girl I never had! ;)  (Don't get me for my boys is just as fun!)  If you want to see what we sent Charli, you've got to go check out Traci's blog!

Our name was drawn by Jess {blogger} and Sadie {daughter} at Sadie Sky Blog.  The Amazon package arrived while Brantley was napping, and though I wanted to tear into myself, I saved him the honor for when we woke. ;)  Let me just say this...I wish I had a gift for Brantley every day after naptime.  He's not the most pleasant after waking up, but knowing there was a present waiting for him downstairs perked him up quite nicely!

"A gift for me?  It's my birthday, Mama?"

Let's take a moment to play with the bubble wrap...

Okay back to the package.

Hmmmm..."What it is, Mommy?"

A tractor puzzle!

But wait, there's more!?

 "No Baby Holden, it's my birthday, not yours!"

Score!  Some tools!

Always has that tongue out!

Me: "Show me your excited face, Brantley!"

He immediately wanted to put the puzzle together.

Meanwhile, Little Brother played with the tools...

And then Brantley wanted to put the puzzle together...again.

And again...

There's that tongue!

And again!  You'd think he'd be a pro by that point, but nope!  Still needed my help.

I think it's safe to say Brantley loved his early birthday gifts and now I'm even more excited for his real birthday in four days!  Thank you so much to Jess and Sadie (Sadie Sky Blog) for the perfect gifts for my near three-year old!

Interested in seeing the other participants (aka some of my favorite bloggers) and their gifts?  Here's a list of all who exchanged!  Thanks to Liz and Lauren for organizing!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all these littles!

Amanda & Lily | Tickled Pink
Ashley & Waverly | Words About Waverly
Elizabeth & Mason | Chasin' Mason
Jess & Sadie | Sadie Sky Boutique
Laura & Liam | Tiny Toes, Little Nose
Laura & Presley | Happily Ever Parker
Laureen & Tyson | Chateau Deveau
Natasha & Ethan | Schue Love
Sara & Mac | Running From the Law
Sarah & Brantley | Seeing All Sides
Stephanie & Gray | Olive and Tate
Traci & Charli | The HALLway



  1. I'm so glad he liked his presents and seriously Jess and Sadie nailed what they got him! That puzzle is so cute and the tools are so fun! I love the commentary that went along with it too. "No! It's my birthday!" LOL. So glad you guys could participate this year! Happy (almost) birthday Brantley!

  2. This is so fun!!! What a great present too. And you ARE BLOG FAMOUS!!!! Congrats friend!!! Moving on up in the blogging world!!!!

  3. SO CUTE!!! And thank you SO much for the wonderful gifts you sent Charli!! They were seriously spot on!! ;) And Crew LOVED playing with the box and papers everything came in!
    haha!! How our our babes going to be 3?!?!

  4. Oh, this is so awesome! Jess and Sadie give the best gifts! We were matched up with them last year and loved our gifts. Awesome score!

  5. Haha, the box and the packing is always a hit. :) What fun gifts!! I love your pics, down at their level, it's a great perspective. :)