Holden Beckett: 14 Months Old

Here we are - halfway to the 15-month mark and I'm finally getting around to journaling about your life at 14 months!  But props to me, I did actually take this photo on the 18th of June, so I should get some credit for that! 

Goodness gracious, you are so stinkin' cute at 14 months old.  Those squinty eyes, those chubby cheeks, and those adorable teeth!  I could seriously stare at you all day long and never get tired of your cuteness!  At 14 months old, you resemble a toddler so much more than a baby and your personality is one to match.

At 14 months old:
  • You are walking everywhere.  You took your first steps around 13 months and then started walking more than crawling right at 13.5 months.  Now at 14.5 months, you walk everywhere and you even get up from a sitting position (without holding onto anything) and taking off!
  • You are becoming more ornery by the day.  You love to play in Kinnick's water bowl, you learned how to flush the toilet, and you love to throw things so they hit the hardwood floor.
  • Though ornery, you are much more chill than Brantley ever was.  Unlike Brantley at this age, you will sit in one place and play with the same toy for some time.
  • You are a major Mama's Boy...again.  You went through a Daddy's Boy stage for about a month and then two weeks into my summer break, you wanted nothing but your mama!  It's both great and annoying at the same time!
  • You are awesome at signing "more".  And you are so proud of yourself for doing it!
  • You have the cutest little wave.
  • You have the thickest hair!  You've already had more haircuts than I can remember and it's so, so thick!
  • You sweat like no other! 
  • You love to cover your eyes and play peek-a-boo...except that you don't actually cover your eyes completely.  It's the cutest!
  • You love to hand us things and be thanked.  The remote.  Our phones.  A toy.  Whatever.  It makes me feel proud.
  • You can say the words "Thank you".  Not even kidding.  You repeated it after I thanked you last week and I thought I was just hearing things.  Later that night, your did the same thing to Daddy.
  • You also say "that" all the time.  You point to things and say "that, that".
  • You are riding in a forward-facing car seat.  I know, I know - it's not the recommendation, but you do meet the requirements and it's so much easier.  You also also so much happier!
  • You love doing all the big boy things that your brother does: reading books at bedtime and having your teeth brushed, for instance.
  • Despite him pestering you, you love your big brother.  You are almost always either laughing at him or crying because of him.
  • Your favorite books are Giggle and Dear Zoo.
  • You imitate much of what Brantley does and it's adorable.
  • You mimic me anytime I sing to you and always "sing" back.
  • You are a very quick learner.  It took us forever to wean Brantley from bottles.  We decided to give you milk in a sippy the day after you turned one and never looked back!  You also learned to drink from a straw about a month ago...something that took Brantley forever to do!
  • You love climbing the stairs...and you've discovered how to go down them on your own, as well!  You even "race" up the stairs when I say ready, set, go!

14-Month Update:

Size | No idea.

Words | Daddy, Doggy, Mama, that, thank you, and a whole lot more baby babble.

Activity | Walking, playing independently, laughing at your brother.

Food | Breakfast, lunch, and dinner just like the rest of us!  We give you a sippy cup of milk at each meal and before each nap/bedtime, but we're not measuring or calculating how much.  My best guess would be 16-20 ounces per day.

Sleep | About 11 to 12 hours each night.  If we are home, you'll take a morning nap (around 9/10), but if we're out and about, you'll either take a catnap in the car or skip your morning nap altogether.  Naps are getting longer, too.  On average, your morning nap ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours and your afternoon nap is anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Bedtime/Waketime | Bedtime around 7:30/8pm and wake time around 7/8am.  No more waking up at 5am for a bottle like you used to do!

Hair | Light brown and thick, thick, thick!

Eyes | Bright blue

Teeth | Six full teeth (2 on bottom, 4 on top) and two more coming in.  It's bizarre though.  The two teeth coming in are the first molars on each side on top. 

Wardrobe | Pretty true to size.  Mostly 12-18 months. 

Diapers | Size 3

Likes | Mama, Brantley, Kinnick, walking, giving things to people, showers, the zero-entry part of the pool, books, brushing teeth,

Dislikes | When Brantley steals your toys, having your diaper changed,

Mommy's Fave | Well besides spending all day every day with you this summer.......I love it when you get a book, walk over to me sitting on the floor, turn around, and plop down in my lap.  Cutest. thing. ever.

And a few more recent photos from my good camera!

Holden, it's been such a wonderful 14 months!  You bring so much joy to our lives everyday and I can't wait to see what the next 14 have in store!


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