Wedding Recap Five Years Later: 5 Reasons Our Wedding was The Bomb!

Our wedding reception...aka the best party EVER.  Truly, is there anything better than having all of your friends and family in the same place at the same time?!  How about having all of those people together with an open bar?  Yeah, pretty sure there's nothing better than that.  Craig and I were recently discussing why our wedding day/reception was as fun as it was, and here are our top five reasons.

1 | The open bar.  I mean, that's what guests always hope for at weddings, right?  We honestly didn't plan on having an open bar.  We planned on doing beer and wine only, but when we learned the minimal price difference between that and a full open bar, we said "What the heck?!"  And I'm pretty sure our guests appreciated every last drop.  It also helped us not feel stressed about running out of alcohol or paying a set price for each drink ordered throughout the night...because c'mon, "I kept track of each and every drink I ordered and finished it before ordering another one" said no one ever!

2 | The venue.  I've already raved about it.  It was downtown.  A great location.  A blank canvas.  Classy, modern, and elegant.  We searched high and low before we stumbled upon Club 1000 and both of us knew the moment we set foot in there that that was our place.  Not only was it great because of the previously mentioned reasons, it was compact.  You could easily see from one end of the room to the other, and there was no place for guests to wonder off to.  Case in point, we looked at a few other amazing venues that had outdoor rooftops or terraces, and as much as we'd love to attend a reception at a venue like that, we were paying for our reception and we didn't want our guests to have the option of leaving for an outdoor terrace.  We selfishly wanted our guests on the dance floor all. night. long. 

3 | Our family + friends.  I'm convinced we have the most fun family and friends.  Our dance floor was cram packed the entire night.  Of course, the open bar and venue may have played a major part in that. :)

4 | My awesome playlist.  You all know by now that I'm a major control freak so why wouldn't I compile a playlist and give it to our DJ?  Yep, I really did that!  It was the perfect mix of traditional wedding reception tunes (Love Shack, Cha Cha Slide anyone??), middle and high school songs (Ghetto Superstar and Country Grammar), college bar songs (In Da Club, Get Low) and songs popular at the time (Usher's OMG).  I may or may not still have the playlist.  Email me if you want it! ;)  Side note: every time I hear the song OMG, I can't help but think of our wedding day.  It was the anthem of the day.  Even my mother-in-law said that song reminds her of our wedding!

5 | The trolley.  At what other point in your life do you get to ride a trolley with all of your besties while simultaneously chugging champagne?  Exactly.

So there, the top five reasons our wedding day was the the  Only one more recap {tomorrow} and I'll be recapping our honeymoon in Jamaica!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh man, I think that was one thing my wedding was missing. An open bar. lol. But my wallet couldn't afford it at that time so we limited it to two hours. Judging from the drunkenness of everyone, I think they were ok with it! hahaha!