Wedding Recap Five Years Later: Wedding Party Photos

I was going to say that taking these pre-ceremony photos was one of my favorite parts of our wedding day...but then I realized I keep saying that about everything!  Really though, these photos were a blast!  Usually photos are a miserable experience, especially for guys, but ours couldn't have been more fun!  Maybe it was the beer....or the trolley....or maybe we just have a fun group of friends?!  I'm going with D - all of the above. :) 

Since we were married downtown, we wanted some urban-style on-location photos to document our big day.  Our photographer (Bendet Photography) scouted out some spots ahead of time and we rented a trolley to drive us from spot to spot.  Even though these pictures were taken pre-ceremony, we were on a trolley so naturally, a cooler of beverages was necessary!


My bridesmaids were Sarah (Rauscher) Flores and Ann Calhoun (middle/high school besties) and Sarah (Eastman) Nixon and Casey (Hundertmark) Villhauer (college roomies/besties).  My sister, Trisha (Fritz) Copeland, was my matron of honor.  Personal attendant (not pictured) was my co-worker and first Kansas bff, Erica Crist.  (Side note: I really wanted her as a sixth bridesmaid, but Craig and I compromised on five.)

Craig's best man was Darin Cartwright and groomsmen were Brandon Provines, Brian Cartwright, and Jake Ramstack (all college friends & fraternity brothers) and David Quam (cousin, neighbor, and childhood bff).

That's it for today!  Tomorrow I'll be sharing some photos and stories of our ceremony!

Monday | The Day Before
Wednesday | Wedding Party Photos
Thursday | The Ceremony
Friday | The Details
Saturday | Our First Dance
Sunday | Video
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Tuesday | Our Honeymoon


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  1. These pictures are gorgeous!!! Looking forward to seeing more :)