Wedding Recap Five Years Later: The Day Before

In case you missed it yesterday, I mentioned that the hubs and I will celebrate our five year wedding anniversary this Friday!  Because I didn't blog back then, I'm recapping all of our wedding festivities on my blog this week!  Today's topic is the day before our wedding day!  In other words--decorating the reception venue (sort of), mani/pedis, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner.

Our parents arrived to KC mid-week to help with last minute prep work.  Most of the wedding day decor and details were DIY, so you better believe I put them all to work!

Here they are folding napkins...

And organizing seating chart cards...

And dipping pretzels for the candy buffet...

And doing dishes...

On Friday afternoon, we headed to our reception venue to drop off decor.  Originally, the owner of the venue (Club 1000) told me I could come in on Friday afternoon to decorate.  Meanwhile, he booked another event for Friday evening and failed to tell me until it randomly came up a few weeks prior.  Of course, this stressed out the control freak in me who wanted to do everything myself ensure everything was set up to my expectations, but luckily my family and friends (and super detail-oriented notes) were awesome and things turned out just as I had envisioned!

After dropping off the decor, the ladies went to get manis and pedis at a nail salon downtown.

Then back to our hotel to prep for the rehearsal!  There isn't much to report about the rehearsal, but looking at the photos, I think it's clear I was stressed about everything going smoothly (rather not going smoothly).

The rehearsal dinner was the highlight of the night.  We booked the basement of The Classic Cup - a restaurant on the Plaza.  It was basically like an old wine cellar.  It was gorgeous, private, and just the right amount of intimate.  Since our wedding and reception were downtown, we loved that our rehearsal dinner spot gave our out-of-town guests a chance to also see the Plaza, as well.  We got so many compliments on the venue.


We thanked our wedding party with some gifts - monogrammed backpack coolers full of microbrews for the guys and personalized tank tops, rings, and monogrammed lunch bags for the girls.

And finally, some pictures of my fabulous wedding party (two friends from middle/high school + two friends from college + my sister) and another of my sister (matron of honor) and me.

And that basically sums up the day before our wedding!  Come back tomorrow for a recap of our ceremony.  And here's the schedule for the remainder of my wedding recap week!

Sunday | My Bachelorette Party
Monday | The Day Before
Tuesday | Getting Ready
Wednesday | Wedding Party Photos
Thursday | The Ceremony
Friday | The Details
Saturday | Our First Dance
Sunday | Video
Monday | 5 Reasons Our Wedding was the Bomb
Tuesday | Our Honeymoon


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