Our Anniversary Staycation

Once upon a time (a year ago), I had high intentions of booking a vacation in honor of our five year wedding anniversary.  I was dead set on it: spring break + Mexico + all inclusive + hubby + me.  Craig was totally on board.  As the holidays neared and we needed to make some decisions, we decided to forgo a romantic anniversary trip and vacation with our kids instead.  Specifically to Arizona for Royals' Spring Training.  I mean, what better time to go to Spring Training than right after the Royals almost won the World Series and with Brantley's love of sports, we couldn't not take him!  Well, then we moved quite unexpectedly and quicker than we ever thought--to a brand-spankin' new house nonetheless--and spent a ton of money on super fun things like moving expenses, blinds, a sprinkler system, and a few items to spruce up our new home.  Therefore, we cancelled our Spring Training trip.  However, I insisted Craig and I still celelbrate five years of marriage, so we did the next best thing--we went on a staycation!

Our anniversary was on Friday the 10th, so on Saturday the 11th at noon one of my old students arrived to stay with our boys for the next 24 hours.  We gave her the rundown, gave the boys hugs, and then left with smiles on our faces and springs in our steps!  Seriously, this little staycation couldn't have come at a better time--the boys were still not caught up on sleep after the 4th weekend and Brantley's birthday festivities, so they had been whinier than normal and Brantley had been living up to the infamous threenager status.  We needed a break!

We headed to the Plaza and to our first stop: lunch on the patio at Brio.  We split our favorite appetizer (the Bruschetta Quatro) and a small flatbread pizza.  We also enjoyed the first of what became many alcoholic beverages of the staycation (it was in place of Mexico, after all) and enjoyed some much needed kid-free conversation!!

After stuffing our bellies, we weren't yet able to check in to our hotel, so we went to Tomfooleries to catch a few innings of the 1:10 Royal's game.  And of course, enjoyed more adult beverages--a beer for Craig and a Moscow Mule for me!

Once our drinks were gone, we headed straight for the rooftop pool at our hotel a block away.  We stayed at the Sheraton Suites--mainly because of the proximity to the rest of the Plaza and the outdoor pool.  (Would you believe there are only three hotels on the Plaza with an outdoor pool?!)  This is also where my friends and I stayed for my bachelorette party and the difference in environment between then and now was crazy!  We were there only one week later this year than I was for my bachelorette party and the pool was packed!!  Five years ago, my friends and I were the only ones there!  I tried to snap a few pictures without looking like a creeper.

There's also a poolside bar that wasn't there five years ago--a nice addition, for sure!  We sipped on beer and sangria while basking in the kid-free sun for a couple of hours and discussing everything from blogging to selfie sticks with a little bit of our kids thrown in between!  There were a few other bachelorette parties in attendance, so it was fun to think about all that has changed in these five short years!  We may have even told one bride-to-be that this could be her in five years.  Ha!

After a couple hours at the pool, we headed to our room to prep ourselves for dinner.  But first, we enjoyed some cake!  I surprised Craig with a cake from our wedding cake baker--she makes the best-tasting cake in the whole wide world!!  And by surprise, I mean told him on Friday night when I had to go pick it up. :)

I suggested a self-timer photo of us eating the cake, but Craig was already less than impressed with all of my picture-taking.  I kept telling him that since our staycation was in place of Mexico, they were only necessary.  #obviously

Our hotel room was ten floors up and had a pretty sweet view of the Plaza, which was fun.  It was such a gorgeous day to get away!

We had 7:30 dinner reservations at Cooper's Hawk, but wanted to go early to do wine tasting (as suggested by my friend Erin) so we took off walking around 6:30.  I demanded one photo together and then agreed to put away my camera.  I mean, I'm not sure why Craig wouldn't want to feel like a tourist in our own city?!  We came away from the wine tasting with a bottle of wine (so they waived our tasting fees) and opened the bottle with our dinner.

For dinner, Craig ordered the Soy Ginger Salmon and I had some kind of pasta.  His meal definitely beat mine big time, and lucky for me, we went halfsies on the meals.  We also had the award-winning Asian Pork Belly Toastadas appetizer, which are some of the best things I've ever tasted!! 

After dinner, we strolled on the Plaza and walked down by Brush Creek, but after an afternoon of sun and drinks, I was ready for bed.

On Sunday, we slept in (hallelujah!), packed up, and headed to breakfast at The Classic Cup (the location of our rehearsal dinner).  We sat on the patio and enjoyed one final kid-free meal complete with bloody marys.

It may not have been Mexico, but it was glorious to get away for 24 hours and spend some one-on-one time with the man I married.  Cheers to five years! 

And, for the record, we are going somewhere for our 10-year!!! 


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I said the same thing! This year is our five year anniversary and I SO wanted to go somewhere but as it turns out, our cruise is only a couple weeks before our anniversary and it cost just a little (lol) so we decided not to go anywhere and are going to a Cirque du Soliel that's in town and some sort of dinner. But I SWEAR we ARE going somewhere for 10 years!
    Sounds and looks like you guys had so much fun with all those drinks and good food! You're making me hungry!

  2. Your staycation looks amazing! Hard to beat relaxing on the Plaza and not having to travel far. Glad you did the wine tasting, did you happen to try Cooper Hawks bottled red sangria? Holy smokes, it's the best sangria in a bottle ever!

  3. This looks so fun!!! I think a staycation was an excellent idea- I for one am glad that you moved even though it meant no vacay :). Can we do our 10 year trip together?!??

  4. Best staycation, ever!!
    The Plaza is absolutely one of my most favorite places, ever! You hit all the best spots! I've never stayed at the Sheraton Suites, but clearly Scott and I need to check it out when we're home.
    P.S. If cheesecake is your thing, Brio has THE absolute best cheesecake I've ever tasted - but I don't think it's on their actual menu so it's kind of a secret item. :)

  5. We used to stay on the plaza for our anniversary too! But no, I had no clue how many hotels had pools!

  6. Sounds perfect!! And I absolutely love the Plaza...mainly at Christmas but I know it's great all the time! And I'm impressed at all the pictures. Sean would be like S.T.O.P. Ha.