Wedding Recap Five Years Later: Our Highlights Video

So I have a really talented cousin on my mom's side.  He does all kinds of video production, including wedding videography.  I was lucky enough to have him shoot our wedding and here is the "highlights" version of our video.  Thank you, Matt, for documenting our memories in video form.  It is something we will cherish in the years to come!

If, by chance, you're in or around the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) and want to check him out, here is his website.

We're nearing the end of my wedding recaps.  Only two days to go!  Come back tomorrow for my list of why our wedding was the bomb!!

Thursday | The Ceremony
Friday | The Details
Saturday | Our First Dance + Other Reception Traditions
Sunday | Our Wedding Video
Monday | 5 Reasons Our Wedding was the Bomb
Tuesday | Our Honeymoon


  1. That's such a cool video! I'm super jealous that our wedding videography isn't even close to that awesome. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. What an amazing video!!! It gave me flashbacks to our wedding! Oh man, I love weddings!