Wedding Recap Five Years Later: Getting Ready + Our First Look

So you wanna know the real reason I'm recapping our wedding over a span of 10 days and not 5?  Sure, we were married on 07.10.10 so ten posts fits in nicely with the date, but really--trying to summarize everything in just five posts seemed like an impossible feat.  So ten it is!  Lucky you!

Today is day three and I'm recapping the "getting ready" part of my big day.  Because, after all, that's a major favorite for a girlie-girl like me!  Getting my hair and make-up done and putting on a gorgeous dress?!  Yes, please!!

I remember waking up super early on the morning on July 10 and passing the time on Facebook.  Here is my last post as a single lady...

After having breakfast in the hotel restaurant, we headed to a downtown salon called Belle Epoque to get our hair done.  I sipped mimosas with all of my favorite ladies while being primped and pampered for the big day.

I looooooved my hair!!  It turned out even better than the day I had my trial!

After our hair appointments, we headed to the wedding/reception venue a few blocks away.  A few of us had our make-up done and then we enjoyed some down/photo time before slipping into our dresses.

Meanwhile, the boys were doing this.  Some drinking...some relaxing...and some goofing around.  Oh to be a boy!

And finally, because it doesn't really fit anywhere else, I'll end this post with our "first look" of each other!  I loved this moment and could barely keep it together!  And love how the pictures tell a story too!


That's it for today!  Tomorrow I'm sharing some of our pre-wedding wedding party photos.  Spoiler alert: we took a trolley full of beer through the Westbottoms and had the. best. time. ever.
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  1. The first look! Ahhh! I LOVE it! Also, were your wedding colors black and pink? Because those were ours too!