Brantley's 3rd BirthDAY

Between opening presents from family on the 4th, his birthday party on the 5th, and Brantley's actual birthday on the 6th, we celebrated for three solid days.  But that only makes sense for a third birthday, right?

Brantley's birthday morning started with doughnuts.  I had full intentions of going to get real doughnuts, but Brantley instead requested mini Hostess doughnuts leftover from our weekend.  It definitely made things easier for me!  Holden slept in later usual and later than his brother, for once, so I got to enjoy about 30 minutes of alone time with just the birthday boy himself, which was extra nice for both of us!

We met Daddy for lunch a few hours later and this was Brantley when we got there.  I guess that's what a holiday/party weekend does to a 3-year old!

Daddy brought Brantley a cupcake and we enjoyed a lunch date with him at Corner Bakery before heading back home for naps.

After naptime, we Skyped Grandma so she could watch Brantley open his present - a balance bike!  Waiting until she was on the computer was pure torture for Brantley and he may or may not have tore into the present before he was supposed to!  It was hard for me to manage the computer, Holden, and my camera so I only snapped a few photos.  We bought Brantley a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair to match Holden's--a super lame present for a 3-year old--which is why we asked Grandma and Papa Sides to get him a bike. ;)  Judging by his "excited" face, he loved it!

Later that evening, we had dinner and a mini birthday bundt cake I picked up at Corner Bakery.  Oh right, after we spent 45 minutes in the basement certain a tornado was going to drop directly on top of our house!  Yep, we were under a tornado warning for the first time in Brantley's three years of life.  The scariest part?  The spotted tornado was less than 5 miles from us!  Those were a few scary moments!

And then we put Brantley's bike together and let him try it before putting him to bed for the first time as a 3-year old! 

And that pretty much sums up Brantley's special day!