Gnats and Ants and Flies, Oh My!

Warm weather.  I love it.  But along with warm weather comes bugs.  And I hate bugs.

Ever since returning from the lake, we've been battling gnats.  In our kitchen.  Lots of them.  I'm sure it has something to do with our food-flinging, messy-eater of a 1-year-old and the fact that our kitchen isn't as clean as it once was.  Or maybe everyone has gnats right now?  Please tell me everyone has gnats right now.

We also battle ants each spring.  They've been so bad in years past that none of the over-the-counter products work.  We have to call a professional, and whatever gel he uses works wonders!

But my post isn't about gnats or ants.  It's about another time we had to battle an infestation of bugs.  The recent take-over by gnats reminded me of this story and it's too funny not to share!

It was July 2010, late at night (around midnight) and we had just returned home from our amazing, 6-day honeymoon to Jamaica.  As we entered our house through the garage, we noticed the door to the kitchen was ajar.  Hmmmmm weird.  We walked into the kitchen to be greeted by hundreds (not even joking) of flies.  They. were. everywhere.

It was late.  We were exhausted from a day's worth of travel.  Our house was hot and humid since the AC had been off.  And it had been taken over by flies.  Because someone had left the door open as we were leaving six days prior.  Hmmmmm...

It was too hot to go to bed, so the hubs started killing flies.  He would swing a fly swatter through the air and hit no fewer than five flies.  That's how many there were!  And this went on for hours--late, late, late in the night.

Meanwhile, I decided to upload honeymoon and wedding pictures onto our computer.  And I ate some leftover wedding cake.  Because what else are you gonna do at that time of night when your house is too hot and fly-infested to sleep??

Eventually, the population diminished and our house cooled enough to sleep.  We laughed about it in the morning and blamed each other (jokingly) for being the one to leave the door open.  We honestly couldn't remember who was the last one out as we left in the early morning hours en route to the airport.

Until I scrolled through the uploaded pictures from my camera.  Pictures don't lie and they are always sorted by the ascending order in which they were taken.  So, here's the first picture taken as we were leaving for our honeymoon...

Clearly, I was the first one out.

And here is the second...

 Looks like we know who was to blame for all the flies!

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