Summer Photos - Weeks 7 & 8

I followed through with my goal of taking one photo of each boy in manual mode each week for six whole weeks.  And then I dropped the ball.  But like I said before, once the 4th of July hits, so does the craziness of our summer.  The holiday, Brantley's birthday, our anniversary, and our annual trip to the lake all within ten days of each other!  Which leaves little downtime and little time to practice the manual setting on my camera.  So four photos {in manual mode; lots more on IG - obviously} is all I have from weeks 7 and 8.  And really, they were all taken in week 7, I believe...

In other news, today starts week 8 of my summer break.  Which means, including today, I have exactly three weeks to go!  As much as I hate seeing the "Back to School" displays at Target, they also excite me!  A good quality for a teacher, I suppose!?  And if I'm being honest, there were a few moments last week when I decided I was ready.  You know, those moments when the boys were fighting and whining non-stop.  Being a teacher is exhausting, but being a SAHM might have it beat.  Props to all of the moms who do it year round!

Stay tuned--I have more blogging to catch up on in these final three weeks!

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