Happy Friday, friends, family, and blog followers!   We have very few plans this weekend, which will be extra nice seeing that things will start to get holiday-crazy very soon!  How about a random Friday post?  Mmmmm-k?

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Christmas is FIVE weeks from today.  Talk about insane!   It's all Christmas all the time here.  The decor.  The music.  The chit chat.  In fact, I get so excited to leave school each day and go home to our cozy, Christmasy-decorated home.  It's cold and dark by 5:30, the twinkle of the Christmas lights just puts me in a better mood!  Since we are in a new house this year, I plan to take pictures and do a blog post of what our house looks like at Chistmas time (similar to here) because after all, that's how I remember what goes where each year! 

The hubs is putting up our outside lights this weekend.  The neighbor guys all chipped in to rent one of these bad boys.  Have I mentioned that I love  our new neighborhood??

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The holidays are so close, but fall is still hanging on in a few ways!  Mainly, my high school football team is playing in the state semi-finals tonight!  It's been fun walking to my car after work each day and seeing/hearing the team practice under the lights in the cool, late-fall air.  There's something magical about high school football in late-November and having had so many of these boys in class, it's fun seeing them experience such a successful season.  We will not be attending tonight's game , but will most definitely be following along on social media!  Go Jags!

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This scarf is $3 at Target's dollar spot.  Go buy yourself one and you're welcome.

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This week's been all sorts of girlie fun!  First, a LulaRoe party on Monday at Vanessa's and then a HyVee meal-prep workshop on Wednesday--followed by half-price sushi and wine!  I mean, I love the freezer meals and the cute clothing, but I love the girl time even more!   Thanks, Vanessa, for organizing both events and allowing us to shop in your living room!!  (Here's the LulaRoe top I took home.)

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And last, but not least, I created a Facebook page for my blog.  Check it out here and like it to follow along!

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  1. I am DYING to bust out my Christmas decor, but Scott is making me wait until after Thanksgiving. Whomp whomp.
    What a genius way to hang lights! I'm surprised more guys haven't thought of that. HAHA!
    And, the LuLaRoe clothes I've been seeing are SO cute!

  2. What a great target dollar spot find! Have a great weekend :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  3. Tell me more about this freezer meal prep thing! Is it a party where everyone works together etc.? I can't believe that scarf is only $3! Super cute :) And your neighbors sound awesome! I'm sure that machine will make putting up light SO much easier this year.

  4. LOVE the Christmas tree and what a great idea to rent that - puts everyone at ease when hanging lights. Seriously, I refused to let Jimmy do it this year!! Ha!! And I saw that scarf and was SOOO curious how it looked. Love it girl!!

    PS we need to get some more of these LuLaRoe clothes! And more girl time - loved chatting with you Monday night :)

  5. How cool that the guys got together to rent one of those machines to put things up high haha. How helpful is that.

  6. LOVE the LuLaRoe stuff you and Vanessa have been posting! I've been dying to get some but don't know where to get it (and I've been tryyyying not to splurge on clothes for me now that I've gotten Stitch Fix but I'm a sucker for those baseball tees!)
    Can't wait to see your decorations!

  7. I aaaaam gonna need to go find that scarf at Target! I can't wait to be home for Christmas =]