Bumpdate: Week 37

It's April - BABY MONTH (hopefully) - and, according to some sources, Baby is officially full term!  I've known multiple friends that have gone into labor around 37 weeks, so I'm reminding myself that it could happen any day now!  Of course, I'm not holding my breath either, but I've had a strong intuition over these last few days that he's coming early.  I still need to pack my hospital bag, but the base to our infant car seat is installed {once again}, so we're ready to bring home a baby!  And man, if having two car seats in the backseat doesn't make you feel old, I'm not sure what does!

At my appointment yesterday, I was dilated a "tight" 2cm.  Not surprising to me because my Braxton Hicks contractions have returned big time just in the last couple of days.  My cervix was still "thick, but soft."  Good signs that my body is prepping nicely, according to my doc.  I hope this means a quick and easy labor, like last time.  I've been having dreams about the labor/delivery process and even woke up last night thinking I was in labor due to some painful, period-like cramps.  Luckily, I fell back asleep and the cramps disappeared, but my mind was sure going in all different directions there for awhile! 

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: ~19+ inches, ~6 1/3 pounds; the size of a bunch of Swiss chard

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: 30ish pounds?  Not sure...

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: None

Movement: Still moving in there, but I feel the space getting tighter, for sure!  Hiccups nearly every day.

Sleep: Okay this week.  I've been hot, uncomfortable, and woken up to pretty bad acid reflux.

Clothing: The same.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: The same - acid reflux, restless legs, sore feet, tingly/achy hands, a semi-popped belly button, and Braxton Hicks galore!  With the warm weather comes swelling, as well.  I've gone without my wedding band the last few days, but luckily, my engagement ring still fits.

What I Miss: Counting down the days until I can drink an icy, cold beverage.

Best Moment: Learning of my body's progress!

Looking Forward To: Meeting Baby H!

Here's my bump!  As a co-worker exclaimed at school today, "Whoa, you're getting big!"  Of course, I took it in stride (and laughed), but note--this isn't something you typically say to a pregnant lady!

And a comparison pic...


  1. I think that you look amazing!

  2. SO very close! And I bet that two car seat thing is crazy!!!!! :)


  3. You look great! Seriously! Funny as I had a coworker who I swear told me daily I looked huge. She's very nice and know she wasn't saying it to make me feel bad but it got really old when she would go 'you look huge' or 'you really can't hide behind anything with that belly' or 'you look soooo uncomfortable' lol she seriously had a new comment daily for me!