Realities Set In

This morning, we attempted newborn photos.  I thought, in addition to photos of Holden, we could sneak in a few sibling shots and an updated family photo, as well.  Yeah, I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Trying to get two kids under two to cooperate simultaneously was a mission impossible.  So I decided to fore-go the family photo altogether.  Despite coordinating some cute outfits and getting all done up for them.  Oh well.  I suppose that's the reality these days... 

The photographer (Sarah Ireland Photography) did post a few sneak peaks tonight on Facebook.  I just can't get enough of them, or of my adorable little boys!

In other reality news, my parents left today.  They were a huge help throughout these past five days--mostly entertaining Brantley so we could focus our attention on Holden.  Craig went to happy hour with some co-workers this afternoon (despite not going back to work until tomorrow) and I was left alone with my two boys for the first time ever.  I managed to feed both, play with Brantley, care for Holden, and put Brantley to bed.  Successfully.  And I even remembered to feed the dog.  I'll consider that a major win.  It definitely called for a selfie.

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