Easter Basket 2014

Buying things for your kid is fun.  And holidays are the perfect excuse!  Here's a look at what's in Brantley's Easter basket this year!

1. Fubbles Bubble Wand - Brantley loves bubbles.  He loves playing outside.  Win-win in my eyes.

2. Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk - More outside fun.  I don't know if he'll like drawing with sidewalk chalk quite yet, but it sounded like a good spring gift idea while strolling the aisles at Target!

3. Mickey Mouse Tumbler - We never go to the mall, so when we did a few weeks ago, we found our way to the Disney Store.  Easter was the perfect excuse to buy this for B.

4. Toddler Fedora - Seriously, "little man" clothes + a fedora?  Adorbs.  Especially when it's only $1 from Target's Dollar Spot!  I may have also purchased one for Baby Brother. :)

5. iPlay Shoes - We had a pair of these shoes from Buy Buy Baby last summer and they were awesome.  They're rubber (read: easy to clean) they and stay on really well.  Socks, no socks, doesn't matter.  (Brantley's actually already broken them in!)

6. Slinky Jr. - We had a slinky and Brantley loved it.  And then broke it.  Another Target Dollar Spot find.  I couldn't not replace his first one when I saw this!

7. Peeps on a Stick - What's Easter without Peeps?  Brantley loves marshmallows, and I'm sure marshmallows coated in sugar will be even better!

And let's not forget the actual Easter basket!  Like I mentioned previously, I bought the wicker basket from Target for $10 and ordered the personalized liner from Pottery Barn.  (It's the small size and fits the 10-inch basket from Target perfectly!)  I love how it turned out!  Part of me is tempted to buy a third basket for Baby #3 so they all match!  Does that make me crazy?

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  1. Looks like I need to jump on the personalized liner like the rest of America!! :)

  2. I love the fedora! And the personalized liner. Not crazy to buy one to make sure they match. I had the same thought, but we're not planning for baby #3 for a few years so I guess I'll wait. :)

  3. Visting from the link up. What a great idea getting the Target basket and then ordering the liner from PBK! Also, love the little baby fedora!!

  4. Oh my goodness, that hat! So cute! Great items! And, I totally feel you, I already thought of ordering a basket from PBK for our little man for next year so he would match his big sis! LOL! Happy Easter!