{The Little Things} || Daddy's Boy

As I mentioned in Brantley's 21-month update, he is a total Daddy's Boy.  I know most moms say one of the best things about having a boy is the love he has for his Mama.  Though there is no doubting that Brantley loves his Mama, he's definitely no Mama's Boy.  Not right now, not in this phase anyway.

But, you know what?  I am completely and totally okay with that.  Craig was so excited when we learned we were having a BOY and I know he loves having a little mini-me that follows him around, looks up to him, and constantly asks "Where Dada?"  And now that Brantley is getting older, nothing makes Craig happier than shooting hoops and playing catch with his little Daddy's Boy.  And I think it's adorable.  In fact, it melts my heart and makes me so excited to watch my boy{s} grow with such a strong influence and role model as their dad.

Just a little thing I'm grateful for today and every day. :)



  1. That is too sweet! how cute that he follows his daddy around everywhere! Right now my little guy is definitely a mama's boy (and I love it), but I'm sure the day will come all too soon when he is crazy about his daddy! I'm sure it's so fun to watch your boys doing things together! :)

  2. Love this. Drew definitely has momma days and daddy days. I think mine outweight daddy's a little bit, but I'm a-ok with that! I love that he's more a momma's boy as I know when baby girl comes things might change. That last pic is my fave. Love sleeping cheeks and lips. :)

  3. I wrote my little things post about daddy time this week as well! Great minds think alike! My son is totally a momma's boy, but he still gets some good dad time in too. My boyfriend was super excited about having a boy too. They are starting to do more boys things too. I don't mind though, I can just watch :) I love that picture of them eating popcorn together! So cute~