H is for Holden

Holden Beckett.  The name we chose for Babe #2. 

Like with Brantley, we wanted a name that was unique, but not weird.  And like with Brantley, it was our choice from day one, but not officially decided upon until a couple of months before his arrival.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where it came from.  Craig swears it was his idea, but it was on my list of 'Boy Names' saved in my iPhone, so I like to think it was my idea.  I've always loved last names as first names and I had a student with this last name a few years ago.  But I can't remember if that's when I jotted it down, or if I heard of another Holden at some point since?  According to Craig, he's liked the name since reading Catcher in the Rye.  Holden Caulfield is one of the main characters.

Early on in this pregnancy,  I was rattling off my list of names to Craig and I was surprised to learn he liked it!  (He shot down most of the suggestions from my list.)  We explored lots of other options, but always returned to the name Holden.

I tried and tried to convince Craig to go with another B name.  We both really like the name Brogan.  And Beckett, as well.  But he wasn't convinced and refused to name all of our kids with the same letter.

So Holden it was!  With Beckett as a middle.  And now that he's been here for ten days, I can't imagine anything else!

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