Bumpdate: Week 38

It's hard to believe I only have a couple more of these updates to go!  I could very well have a baby in my arms two weeks from now.  Heck, he could be here tomorrow for all I know!  My high school bff had a baby in February...9 days early!  That is THIS week for me!  However, no major signs that labor is looming.  And I'm still making future plans, subconsciously assuming that Baby won't come for another couple of weeks. :)

Nonetheless, I do feel a bit like a ticking time bomb.  (I think I used the same words to describe the last few weeks with Brantley.)  I leave school each day wondering if I'll be back the next day (and obsessively making sure I leave no loose ends).  And I go to bed each night wondering if I'm going to wake up to contractions. Speaking of, I still don't have my hospital bag packed.  I have a nice list printed and on my dresser, but I haven't actually thrown anything together.  I also don't have any special treats packed for the hubs, like the first time.  Sorry honey, looks like Baby isn't the only one to get the shaft the second time around.

I went on a major nesting spree this past weekend.  I made two freezer meals from scratch, alphabetized our spice rack and refilled empty spice jars, reorganized our coat closet and cold weather accessories, cleaned a random junk drawer, and went through (sorted/trashed) a year's worth of old receipts.  Things that get done very infrequently at our house, so clearly that means Baby is coming soon, right?

I had an appointment yesterday, at one day shy of 38 weeks.  My doctor did not check me, so I don't know if I've progressed any further or not.  I should know more after next Monday, as she will likely check me then.  No mention of induction yet and I'm not one to ask...I'm a very laid-back patient and just go with the flow.

I'm still feeling pretty good except for the always-present acid reflux.  And I have a horrible cough.  As if coughing isn't already annoying enough, it takes everything I have not to pee my pants each time I cough. And I'm coughing up the acid that's causing the reflux, which makes me want to puke.  Awesome, I tell ya.  This baby can't come out soon enough!

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of Baby: ~19.5+ inches, ~6.5+ pounds; the size of a leek

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: ???

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: None

Movement: Still moving, despite his limited space.  Lots of pressure at times, as he pushes outward on my stomach.

Sleep: Average.  I just can't get comfortable.  It's a cruel joke that pregnant women don't sleep well the last few weeks of pregnancy, since it will become even worse after baby is born.

Clothing: Dresses, skirts, and tank tops and loving it! 

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Achy, tingly hands, especially in the mornings.  Sore feet, occasional restless and/or achy legs, acid reflux, Braxton Hicks (only maybe fewer than I felt a week ago?).  I've officially done away with my wedding band.  I could probably still shove it on, but it's not the most comfortable and I don't want to risk it getting stuck. 

What I Miss: My usual spring wardrobe.

Best Moment: The nesting accomplishments felt pretty good.

Looking Forward To: My last week and a half of school - 8 days to go!

Here's the bump!  A co-worker said I'm carrying high?  I think it's just my normal.  I've definitely noticed my fuller-than-normal face lately. :(


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