Holden Beckett: 1 Week Old

We made it through our first week as a family of four!  Quite successfully, I might add!  You fit in perfectly to our little family, Holden, and despite being a little unsure of you at first (saying "ohhhhh nooooo" in the hospital), your brother is quite smitten with you.  Lots of brotherly hugs and kisses so far.  Your daddy and I have each already managed being alone with you and your brother and guess what--we each survived! ;)

You had a busy first week of life.  Your Grandma and Papa Fritz were here for the first five days and with them, we ventured out to Deanna Rose Farmstead, Texas Roadhouse, and Oklahoma Joe's.  Yesterday, we had our first Mommy-Holden dates--a morning walk to Starbucks and then an afternoon at Buy Buy Baby and Target.  People seem quite surprised that I'm out and about so soon after having a baby, but I've been feeling great!  Recovery time was much quicker with the second and I'm also more laid back and relaxed about driving with you and taking you out in public.

After Grandma and Papa left on Wednesday, Brantley went back to daycare.  (Daddy went back to work yesterday, as well.)  I love hanging with only you during the days and I'm glad we get that special one-on-one time.  It usually means lots of cuddle time...and Mommy gets to sleep in in the mornings. :)  I feel a little bad that I am not as focused on Brantley as I was before you came along, but Daddy has really stepped up to the plate and given Brantley 99% of his attention.  He's been the one to put him to bed and get up with him nearly every night and morning and for that, I am very thankful!

Mommy Update - Like I mentioned before, I'm feeling great!  Tired, but that comes with the territory.  Since giving birth, I've only taken one dose of pain meds--the morning after for cramps.  Weight-wise, I'm down about 20 pounds, but still up about 15 from my pre-prego weight.  I'll take it, given it's only been a week, even though I'm a little bummed about not yet fitting into my summer shorts.

Food - Breast feeding seems to be going well, but I'm leery about how much you're actually getting (or not getting).  You rarely cry, let alone seem starved (which one would think is a good sign), but it was the same with Brantley despite my low milk supply.  We go back to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm super nervous that you will have lost weight and that we will have to start supplementing with formula once again.  (Which also means exclusively pumping, which is what I dread the most.)  I feed you nine times per day (as suggested by your pediatrician) and I'm trying to get you on a schedule as follows: 2am, 6am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7:30pm, and 10pm.  Every two hours during the day so we can stretch it to every four hours overnight. 

Sleep - I hate to jinx ourselves, but so far, you seem to love sleep, just like your big brother!  I've been having to wake you for overnight feedings and often during the day, as well.  I'm very thankful for this, as it allows me longer chunks of sleep overnight!  Probably a main reason for me feeling so good!  Although you still sleep the majority of the hours each day, you're becoming more alert and I've noticed your eyes wide open looking around more often in the last couple of days.

Size - You are itty-bitty and have made us realize how big Brantley is!  I change his diaper and think "Whoa, thunder thighs!"  You're wearing newborn size clothing and seem to swim in anything bigger! 

Activity - You love being held, but you also don't mind hanging out in your rock and play sleeper, as long as you're tucked in nice and cozy. You enjoy the swing and car rides and you rarely ever cry.

It's been a wonderful first week!  You are just a perfect little baby, Holden, so, so sweet, and I love you so, so much!  Grandma got us these cool blocks as a gift, and though I didn't plan on weekly updates, I couldn't pass up the photo-op!  Happy 1 week, Sweetie Pie!

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  1. Oh my gosh! He is adorable! And look at that hair!!! Congratulations!!!