Bumpdate: Week 36

Well, we're down to four weeks until d-day!  That's less than a month!  Of course, I realize I could still be pregnant in a month's time, but I'm hoping to have this baby right around my due date (April 22)!  I hate being late to things (and I hate waiting on habitually late people), so I have a feeling that a late baby might make me slightly annoyed!  But like I've been saying for a few weeks, I also don't want to have this baby too soon because of my perfectly-planned maternity leave.  The thought of leaving unfinished business and/or ungraded papers for my sub stresses me out big time.  As does not saying good-bye to my students.  It sure was easier to plan for a baby in July like last time!

As for my intuition on when he'll arrive?  I don't know that I have one yet!  And if I'm being honest, it still doesn't feel quite real that we're going to be a family of four in such a short amount of time!

Our "to-buy" list for Baby #2 is now complete.  There wasn't much on it.  Some warmer-weather newborn clothes, letters to spell his name above the crib, an extra camera for our video monitor, and a double stroller. Check, check, check, and check!  We finally decided on a double stroller - the lightweight, narrow, and easy-to-fold Joovy Caboose Ultralight that allows the older child to sit or stand on the back.  I had so many Facebook friends recommend this brand/model and as soon as one of my co-workers showed me hers, I was sold.  We got lucky and found one on Craigslist--a $260 stroller for $70!  Yes please!  A huge thank you to another co-worker of mine, Lindsey, for picking it up in Manhattan on her way back from Colorado!

Here's Brantley testing it out last week!  He approved and was a proud BIG BOY sitting on the back!  I can't wait to use it for real!

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: ~18.5+ inches, ~6 pounds; the size of a head of romaine lettuce

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: 29-30 pounds

Food Cravings: Sweets and ice cream...every night after dinner

Food Aversions: None

Movement: I know he's supposedly getting bigger and running out of room, but I still feel him moving in there quite frequently!  Feeling appendages through my skin, as well.  Though it's cool, that will never not freak me out!  I've had some co-workers ask if he's dropped...but honestly, I can't tell a difference and could never tell with Brantley, either.

Sleep: Decent to great!

Clothing: Trying to spice up my maternity wardrobe (see below).  I'm getting tired of the non-variety, but I am still appreciating the spring-time clothes!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: The newest - sore, achy, and restless legs!  I truly feel sorry for people who have to deal with this all the time.  It's miserable!  I've noticed my hands/arms falling asleep easier (like when I blow dry my hair??) and my hands have been really sore and achy (carpel-tunnelish) in the mornings.  My belly button, which has also always been flat throughout both of my pregnancies, is starting to pop!  I guess that means Baby is fully cooked! :)  And the usual - acid reflux.  I will say I don't feel quite as tired/exhausted/big as I did a few weeks ago, but perhaps I'm just coming to the realization that I won't be pregnant much longer.  *Tear*
What I Miss: Shopping for regular clothes, especially now that my fave places (Target) have busted out their sun dresses and spring clothes!

Best Moment: Getting our double stroller and being really excited to put it to good use!

Looking Forward To: The unknown of these next four(ish) weeks!  Here we go!

And the bump.  I swear it's there.  It just blends in...and my photographer (i.e. hubby) doesn't notice things like that!



  1. Awesome stroller!!! I will have to check that one out too! We went to buy buy baby last weekend and checked out a Graco one that seemed to fit the bill too for not as much as $270. That's so awesome you found on Craigslist too!!

    Love the shirt tied over the dress too :-) I'm so ready to get to wear spring time maternity clothes!!!

    1. There's also a Joovy Caboose (not ultralight) that's $150 and the only difference I noticed was the weight. Same look, same concept, etc. We probably would have gone with that model if buying a brand new one, but happened to find this other one on Craigslist. If you buy from BBB, don't forget a 20% off coupon! :)

  2. Looking good!! Yeah for craigslist finds and I can't stop eating sweets too!!