Easter Egg Train

What a gorgeous spring (more like summer) weekend it was in Kansas City!  Since there were no signs of Baby, we purchased tickets for an Easter egg train ride out of Baldwin City, KS.  It took us on an 11-mile round trip to Norwood, KS for an Easter egg hunt.  The train ride was incredibly slow (like 45 minutes to go 5.5 miles) and Easter egg hunt was over in less than five minutes, but it was still a fun and festive outing!  Grandma Sides and cousin Adley joined us since they were in town for cousin Brekkyn's soccer tournament!  We were happy to have them along!

The Easter Bunny was along for the train ride, as well.  I wasn't sure what Brantley would think of him, as he was somewhat-creepy in my opinion.  But I guess this smile in proof that he approved!  Who knows how he would have reacted without Adley by his side?!

Like I said, the hunt for eggs was over as quick as it started.  Brantley caught on pretty quickly and was running to pick up eggs scattered throughout the grass.

Our neighborhood Easter egg hunt is next weekend!  Assuming Baby isn't here, we'll probably hit up that one, as well!  And who knows, if the timing is right, I suppose Baby could come along, too--on his very first Easter egg hunt??

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  1. This is awesome. Drew would have LOVED a train ride and then an egg hunt!